2 thoughts on “Roland Guitar Synth GR-20

  1. I got blown away by the incredible sound of the Roland GR-20 and decided to purchase it for use in my home recording studio, so I have been saving up for it for some time. Now, I am about ready to make a purchse, they come out with the GR 55 with more sounds and a double…… what-ever-it-is-they-call-it, selling for exactly the same price. What impressed me most about the GR 20 are the Sax, Violin, banjo, and sitar sounds, and is the main reason I want it. I have not heard any of these sounds yet in any of the many demos of the GR 55 that i have seen and listened to on U tube. Does the GR 55 have ALL the sounds of the GR-20 and more ? Does the GR-20have some sounds the GR-55 does not have ? Does one have an advantage over the other ? I am a little bit confused. Please help me make a comparism between the two, and possibly, a recommendation, to make it easer for me to choose. Thank you.

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