Korg MS 10 Monophonic Synth

This is a video demo of the Korg MS-10 monophonic analog synthesizer.

This was the most basic and the least expensive of Korg’s MS series.

The Korg MS-10 featured a 32-note (F-C) keyboard and semi-modular design. The MS-10 let you reroute the signal of some modules via patch cords, but you didn’t have to use patch cords to make a basic synthesizer sound.

A monophonic synth, the MS-10 had one VCO, one VCF, an LFO with multiple waveforms, an ADSR with hold controls, and knobs to control pitch, portamento time, external signal level, resonance, and pulse width. It also had one wheel, for pitch bend.


  • Monosphonic analog synthesizer
  • 1 VCO with mixable white/pink noise generator
  • One LFO w/ multiple waveforms
  • One lowpass VCF
  • ADSR with Hold
  • 32 key keyboard
  • CV/GATE inputs


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