The Korg Delta String Synthesizer

The Korg Delta is a vintage analog string synthesizer. While limited in scope, if offers some great analog sounds. 

The Korg Delta is split into two sections, synth and string, with separate outs and a mix output. The two sections, combined with the analog circuitry, can deliver surprisingly full results. 

Says Korg Delta fan Don Solaris:

This unit is perfect for backing, making some dreamy pads or slow evolving textures. It doesn’t have fast envelopes, and it doesn’t need them either. One thing that you need to have for this unit is effect processor. Ideally it would be Roland Space Echo since it adds even more warmth and gentle chorusing effect. Result instantly blows away any digital machine. If you can’t afford Space Echo, some standard DSP unit will do fine. All you need is mix it with a little bit of chorus or delay (depending on situation).

The demo above, via abertronic, has the output from string synth panned to the right and the output from the synth section panned to the left.

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