Free Binaural Sound App For The iPhone

AmbiSounds+ (App Store link) is a free iPhone app that features binaural sound-enhanced nature sounds.

If you’re skeptical about the effects of binaural beats, aka “digital drungs”, which some believe can be used to entrain your mind into specific states, this is a free way to try it out for yourself.

If you try out AmbieSounds+, leave a comment with your thoughts!


AmbiSounds+ will help you fall asleep faster, help you relax and even help you get your work done by eliminating noise/annoyance in the environment. The application is an atmosphere enhancer that will help you create an ambient environment of your liking. With abilities to layer multiple tracks, your environment possibilities are virtually endless.

FEATURES – HIGH QUALITY BINAURAL sound tracks – Combine as many tracks as you like to create your custom layered track – Find yourself listening to your favorite tracks over and over? No problem. To make it easier, AmbiSounds is the only application of its kind to feature track ‘FAVORITES’ to make it faster for you to listen to your track – CONVENIENT options to configure your track playback on the front playback screen – Settable TIMER with playback stop or playback fade out – Option to automatically EXIT the application when timer expires – Auto saving settings – More than 20 tracks – Ability to select tracks from multiple categories for simultaneous playback – Configurable ‘Favorites’ track listing *** SAMPLE TRACKS(These are only a subset of the 80+ tracks in the application) *** – Bird Song – Church Bells – Frogs – Light Rain – Thunderstorm – Spanish Banks – Mountain Stream – Pendulum – Ocean Waves – Waterfall + many more! **

RECOMMENDATIONS OF USE** It is recommended that the tracks should be listened to using a headphone in order to maximize the binaural sound effects. However, headphones are not mandatory to listen to the high quality tracks that are part of this application. ** Requirement ** iPhone OS 2.2 *** Bugs/Improvements/Feedback *** Please feel free to provide feedback or suggest improvements and bugs that you may encounter. Simply contact me via email at [email protected]

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