Old School Computers Do Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

There are millions of computers sitting idle at home, consuming electricity.

Could this be what they are doing, when we’re not around?

via bd594:

This is dedicated to all fans of Queen and hey let’s not forget about Mike Myers and Dana Carvey of Wayne’s World.

Please note no effects or sampling was used. What you see is what you hear (does that even make sense?)

Atari 800XL was used for the lead piano/organ sound

Texas Instruments TI-99/4a as lead guitar

8 Inch Floppy Disk as Bass

3.5 inch Harddrive as the gong

HP ScanJet 3C was used for all vocals. Please note I had to record the HP scanner 4 seperate times for each voice. I tried to buy 4 HP scanners but for some reason sellers on E-Bay expect you to pay $80-$100, I got mine for $30

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