4 thoughts on “The Steelphon S900 Synthesizer

  1. S900 and his little brother MAGO, were born in Turin, Italy, at firsts ‘70 years. One of many synthesizers made in Italy in these years, but with a particular oscillators design: S900 has two oscillators, Osc1 only saw wave, and Osc2 only square wave, but six footage pots, from 32’ to 1’, for each osc. This feature a flexible waveshaping for a great sound variety.
    Another feature, extraordinary for these years, are the Presets: 6 pushbuttons, switchs entire control panel (except octave controls) in 6 extraible boards on left side of keyboard. Each board contains one trimmer for each control, so, you have six “memory” sound.

    Andrea (aemmezero)

    sorry for my bad language

  2. Salve Andrea,

    do you happen to know what kind of filter the steelphone is using? The resonance in the first example sounds amazing.


  3. What AMAZING sounds! I dunno how I missed this entry the first time around. Now I'm sitting here trying to work out from the blurry video and sounds what all the controls do. I have to build one!

    Now, I can't say that I'd swap my dear old Granny for one – that would be going too far – but throw in the pullover and you've got a deal.

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