Can LaDiDa For The iPhone Make Reverse Karoake Sexy?

Remember how universally reviled Microsoft Songsmith was?

iPhone developer has taken the idea behind Microsoft Songsmith, reverse karaoke auto-accompaniment, and packaged it as the iPhone app LaDiDa.

Can succeed where Microsoft failed?

It’s not clear from the video or the information on the site how flexible LaDiDa is, in terms of styles and ability to customize the arrangements. If LaDiDa gets this right, though, it could be a cool tool for making rough drafts of songs.

We may need a few more demos from CEO Prerna Gupta to know for sure!

What do you think of LaDiDa? Is there a future for “reverse karaoke” apps?

via indiemusictech

2 thoughts on “Can LaDiDa For The iPhone Make Reverse Karoake Sexy?

  1. This is an impressive app. It's fun and it does really work! I've had a lot of fun singing random tunes with my warbly voice, and LaDiDa almost always matches what I hear in my head. When it doesn't, the results are also fascinating to hear – reharmonizing a song that never existed. 🙂

    There are only three styles right now – I have a feeling they'll be making more soon. For the moment the ease of use, fun, and "WOW" factor all more than make up for the relatively low feature count.

  2. I love the acompanyment and how clear it record and pickup the tempo.
    What I would like to know, can it be used on a live stage to acompany me in my performance.

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