Vermona Cross Filter Review

In this video, djmagtv takes a look at the Vermona Cross Filter.

The Cross Filter is a desktop version of the Action Filter with some extra features. It’s designed for live musicians, DJs and remix producers, but is also suitable for studio use.

The Cross Filter can either work as notch- or bandpass-filter (24dB per octave). Each flank has its own controller for cut-off frequency and resonance, so you can easily vary the bandpass or notch range.
There’s an additional cutoff-controller that influences both flanks at the same time for sweeping the band through the whole frequency spectrum.

The Cross Filter is equipped with two trigger buttons and a fader for getting rhythmical effects. The buttons trigger the bypass function whereas the fader smoothly fades it in and out the effect. Inputs and outputs are available as RCA and 1/4-inch jacks.

The Vermona Cross Filter retails for $535.

More details are available at the Vermona site.

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