Propellerhead Reason On The Apple iPad – Coming Soon?


Are you ready for Propellerhead Reason on the Apple iPad?

According to Propellerhead CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös, it’s a distinct possibility:

“The iPad is at least as powerful a computer as the ones we started making software for back in the 90s. And that’s pretty exciting!”

Of course, the version of Propellerhead Reason that came out in back in the days was a lot less powerful than the current version. An iPad version of Propellerhead Reason would have to leave out some of Reason 4’s features.

This is all vaporware at this point – but it’s still, as Propellerheard’s CEO suggests, “pretty exciting”.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the idea of running Propellerhead Reason on the Apple iPad!

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63 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason On The Apple iPad – Coming Soon?

  1. Propellerheads will become the Technics of muisic software. Technics was the industry standard for decades until mixing CDs became popular. Technics didn't take the initive and lead the industry in that area as the technology was evolving and now they are left in the dust.

    I am an avid reason user, but companies like Intua who are already making a product called Beatmaker and another iphone app called Nanostudio are leading the way with this new market which is already becoming the new platform for music production.

    If Propellerheads decides not to make a move fast I'm afraid that they will develop and price themselves right out of the picture. Cloud computing and mobile computers are not the future of music production any longer. They are the present and there are already several companies who are 10 steps ahead of propellerheads.

    You know the saying … "You snooze …. you lose." That's exactly what is happening to the guys at Props. They are definitely snoozing and losing.

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  2. a think this is a great idea. I also would like to see an ipad app that controls the record your running on your computer that doesnt require OSCulator or pure data.

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  3. lol ! i love your style mr notes
    i agree, its nothing new.. and id have no reason to replace my laptop which runs cubase and reason together fine – but could be good for the mac lovers

    i'll still be pretty impressed if someone does a live sequencing set (like beardyman) using only an iPad!!

    One thing i've noticed about mac users.. is that theyre too easily pleased! and don't seem to notice the limitations put in place for them.

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  4. Make this happen!!! And do not mind too much about polyphony and multitimbrality, handfull is enough. Instead, aim for the best possible sound and try to achieve as many features as possible.

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  5. I think it would be cool if reason stayed on your macbook or pc and the ipad or other device could be used as a controller.

    You could make a program that would just be a bunch of contollers useing the touchscreen tech that could be piked up via usb like a normal contoler.

    You could have an X Y graph or big nob for automation and pads and keys or a strum for inputing your cords/patterns or even just a big red record button you can press insted of haveing to have you hand on the mouse or use keybord shortcuts.

    Dont realy cear what the technical barriers are to this kind of tech.

    You have to look into the possibilities first then the obsticals or we will never get thier

    And i also dont cear what platform you use they all have Pro/Cons.

    I use both Mac and Pc.

    Mac is not as usefull i find but is far more stabel and quick and easy to use .

    Pc i can do more but cant get Logic and something allways seems to Crash or have some error

    Anyone ken to colab email me

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  6. Reason for the iPad would be genius! Without a shadow of doubt. I would buy the app and use it ALL the time. -Aaron (drummer, road tech, musician)

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  7. it would be easier for propellerhead to introduce reason into the iPad as multiple apps, where Thor is an app, subtractor is an app and so forth
    once the iPad is strong enough to handle multiple app running the merger would be easier into reason as one app

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