5 Reasons Musicians Should Get An iPhone 4

Apple today introduced the iPhone 4 – an update to its innovative series of mobile computers.

Now – every time I mention the iPhone or the iPad on this site, it brings on the hate.

We’ve got a few readers that don’t give a damn about mobile gadgets, think we’re complete Apple fanboys and that we should rename the site to iPadTopia.

We know where you’re coming from. You love synths and electronic music, not the iCrap.

But mobile computers are rapidly becoming essential tools for musicians, and the new iPhone 4 is the best of the bunch.

And spending a couple of hundred bucks on an iPhone could be just as important to your music as getting a new soft synth, effects pedal or synth module.

Here’s why.

Five Reasons Musicians Should Get An iPhone 4

  1. The iPhone is the leading mobile platform for mobile music making. There are more music apps for the iPhone than for any other mobile music platform. There are drum machines, MPC-style workstations, synth, 24-track recorders, audio editors and more. These apps range from fun ways to pass some time to sophisticated musical tools. With the iPhone 4, mobile music apps are only going to get better, because the new iPhone has a higher-resolution screen, more sensors and a more capable processor. And development of music apps for the iPhone is only going to accelerate, because the iPhone is currently the most profitable platform for mobile developers.
  2. The iPhone lets you connect with friends and fans from almost any location. Social networking has become an essential tool for musicians. If you look at some of the most savvy electronic musicians, they’re using social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube to update their fans all the time. The iPhone has apps for updating fans and friends on these platforms from your car, your most recent gig, from your studio or from wherever you happen to be. Need to update your website on the road? There’s an app for that, too.
  3. The iPhone 4 gives you access to the de facto industry standard for digital music. Apple succeeded where other companies have failed in building the iTunes music store and turning it into the top music store in the world. iTunes is just another app on the iPhone – but  it’s an important one and one that you won’t get with other phones. That means you can access the world’s largest library of music, download any podcast and do a quality check on the placement of your own creations, right from your phone.
  4. The new iPhone lets you shoot good looking HD video and upload it to YouTube. Is it as good as an HD video camera? No – but it’s still pretty amazing. And Apple also announced iMovie for the iPhone, which lets you edit HD video. It’s a little insane that you’ll now be able to shoot and edit HD video on a $200 (plus the service contract) phone – which means that you can video blog videos wirelessly to YouTube, without worrying about digitizing video, copying files to your computer or any of that junk.
  5. iPhone 4 features the world’s most sophisticated mobile computing platform, iOS 4. iOS 4 features intelligent multitasking that won’t run down your battery, threaded email, folders for organizing apps, Facetime video chat and the iBook digital book platform. iBook now reads PDFs, too, opening it up to all sorts of documents. iOS 4 is, arguably, the most advance mobile computing platform around, but also manages to be one of the most intuitive. Other mobile platforms have their relative strengths, but iPhone’s iOS 4 excels at just about everything it can do. Why does this matter? Because it opens up a lot of options for you – you can record demos anywhere, upload tracks to SoundCloud, carry your latest video in your pocket and more.

Over 2 years, an iPhone will cost you more to own than cheap cell phones that don’t do much.

But your time is worth something. And using your spare time to make music, update your fans, video blog and update your website – not to mention getting directions, reading your mail, maintaining your schedule and making phone calls – could make that iPhone look like a bargain.

What do you think of the value of the iPhone 4 for musicians? Is it an important tool – or just another piece of iCrap?

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108 thoughts on “5 Reasons Musicians Should Get An iPhone 4

  1. About 3 years ago I was working at a night club at nights and building lighting and sound systems for night clubs. During this part of my life I was rough on cell phones, so this will explain why but in a one year period I went through 32 cell phones. So I have had just about every phone on the market at that time. So I guess you cold say I know them all! Also during these times I started djing and messing with music more and that lead me to beat production. So when the imaschine came out for the iphone i downloaded it almost immediately. It was 2 months after this that I finally went out and bought my Maschine and I have to say that the imaschine is closer than anything I have ever seen to almost being like the real thing. Of course its not the real thing but then again its a phone. The imaschine app is awesome if your in a band, a beat producer or for anyone who just loves music. The iphone its self is more durable and its ezier to operate than all the rest.
    Needless to say iphone and imaschine I cant live without!!!

    RJM lighting and sound

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  2. All musicians should use Macs/iPhones. They should also all drive Subarus. Seems like all the big studio musicians use macs. There’s no logical reason. Maybe 10 years ago, but today, it’s nothing but habit, and it’s annoying but fun to stereotype!

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