Granite Granular Synthesizer For Windows

Sonic Arts has released Granite, a new granular synthesizer instrument for Windows.


Granite is a granular synthesizer particularly suited for generating evolving, organic textures and atmospheres. It is also capable at creating dark bass tones and loop processing.

Granite’s sound is highly dependent on the input material, but the grain engine parameters have been refined and scaled to allow complete transformation of material in a fast and musical way.

Most parameters can be modulated with internal movement recorders, in addition to being controllable by host automation and MIDI CCs.

Granite is available now for Windows PC (Standalone/VST) for US $60. A demo version is available.

If you’ve used Granite, leave a comment with your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Granite Granular Synthesizer For Windows

  1. that was very helpful….do you work for the company?…i thought the website was not informative at all, no idea what it does and how it is being done (by the musician, not the programmer)….and i am NOT going to pour 75 bucks into something that doesn't give me a clear explanation why I should….and I care a lot bout granular synthesis….

  2. what the fuck are you talking about dude? it's an awesome program that sounds great, with an intuitive and creative interface. download it and play with it to find out, for fucks sake.

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