New iPhone Synthesizer Lets You ‘Evolve’ Sounds

iPhone Music Software: MendelSynth (App Store link) is a sound effect synthesizer that’s designed to be a “fun exploration and discovery tool.”

MendelSynth is based on a genetic algorithm — sounds are synthesized from simulated genomes. New sounds are made from old by mutating and cross breeding their genomes.

In the interface, genomes are represented by movable circular buttons that can be played by tapping on them. Double tapping on a button creates six new mutated child sounds arranged around the parent. Dragging one button on top of another creates five new children that inherit features from both parents.

Child sounds are often not very interesting (or worse!), but with patience you can achieve pleasing effects. One strategy is to select the children with the most desirable features, then create children from those and repeat the process until you find something you like.


  • A library of 250 seed sounds.
  • Save synthesized audio to a file and send by email.
  • Mutation rate and parameter variability controls.
  • Individual volume, pitch and tempo controls for each genome.
  • A “gene pool” where favorite genomes can be saved and retrieved.

MendelSynth sells for $2.99. If you’ve used MendelSynth, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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