Stretta’s A Funneled Stone

Here’s another preview of modular synth guru Matthew Davidson’s interesting modular work in progress, A Funneled Stone.

I’m back to work on A Funneled Stone. This piece is kind of in the same state that the original 050110 was prior to the update. However, I think I need to let it rest while I work on another piece of music, so here is a peek.

Part of me would like to hear what a supremely talented rapper could do with the drums at the beginning. If dubstep can be a genre, I don’t know why a risset rhythm couldn’t spawn the same.

Aside from the drums, all modular synth.

One other minor thing. I think I’ll release my piano ambient stuff under ‘Escape Philosophy’ as I have in the past, and electronic music as ‘stretta’

On A Funneled Stone, Davidson combines analog and digital synth modules with computer sequenced control voltages, which lets him to explore new ground with modular synthesis.

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3 thoughts on “Stretta’s A Funneled Stone

  1. Same here. I wonder who always comes up with the notion that using computer generated CV and multiple synths is novel or lets one do things you cannot do with much simpler means. As I pointed out before, computer control of analog gear is almost as old as synthesizers themselves, just have a look at the history of EMS for one good example of how someone went far beyond what is now presented as groundbreaking. Stretta is a good man and knows his stuff (I presume, never met him in person), but putting him on a pedestal every time he comes out with a new piece is doing wrong by the pioneers and the people who really push boundaries today instead of making music that people can enjoy. If I were him I would be more ashamed than flattered by this. On another note: I cannot help but get the impression that this blog, interesting and diverse as it can be at its best, also has this little dark spot of wanting to influence every reader to think and feel the same about issues that are dear to the editors (like iPhones or Stretta). That's understandable albeit a more subtle approach (along the lines of "Hey guys, I really dig what he's done and think his working methods are interesting, what do you think?") would just the same achieve effect without leaving the sour taste behind that the editors think their readership don't know their stuff and are dependent on synthopia (or other blogs for that matter) as their source of opinions and knowledge about the world at large. Ok, rant off. Now to get me another cup of coffee. 😉

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