15 thoughts on “Is This The Most Epic Synth Shot Ever?

  1. LOL! The circular, protruding "oscilloscope" window he seems to be peering into is also epic.

    The tash and the suit really makes the whole pic though. 🙂

  2. Delaware, cos it was under delaware rd in london in the radiophonic workshop studios. Converted victorian ice rink.
    F***ing awsome!

  3. Yup Delaware Road home of BBC Maida Vale Studios (where I am proud to call my place of work)
    Still home of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and many fantastic daily live session recordings for Radio 1 , 2 and 6 Music.
    Alas this beast is long gone but we are still the custodians of some select pieces from the workshop which are currently on loan and can be viewed at the Doctor Who experience exhibition.
    The place is a historical gemstone like a not too distant cousin of Abbey Road Studios and should be preserved in its current form for all eternity!

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