Alesis Intros QX49 USB MIDI Controller Offers ‘Extreme Software Control’

At the 2011 NAMM Show, Alesis, introduced its ‘extreme software control’ QX49 USB/MIDI keyboard controller.

The QX49 puts drum pads, rotary knobs, long-throw faders buttons and velocity-sensitive keyboard in a compact package.

Alesis QX49 USB MIDI Controller

Here are the key features of the Alesis QX49:

  • 49-key keyboard controller for use with virtually all Mac and PC music software and MIDI devices
  • Velocity-sensitive keys with modulation and pitch-bend wheels
  • Eight faders perfect for adjusting volume or synth parameters
  • Four drum pads for triggering samples, loops and sequencing drums
  • Eight knobs ideal for adjusting pan position or any other parameter
  • Six assignable buttons for triggering software controls
  • USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI for use with Mac and PC, as well as MIDI hardware
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition software included for instant recording, sequencing, and performing
  • Bus-powered via USB, so you won’t need a power cable


  • QX49 keyboard controller
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

16 thoughts on “Alesis Intros QX49 USB MIDI Controller Offers ‘Extreme Software Control’

  1. Maybe it's just me and my long fingers but I'm not really seeing those faders as being "long throw."

    Nonetheless, looks to be quite a useful controller tool. If only there was a variant which had semi-weighted keys for playability!

  2. This is sadly out of date, I mean I could be wrong but are there not a million other products with everything this has and more? 4 drum pads? Come on last time I looked there were a lot more sounds than that coming from even the most basic drum kits, as for triggering 4 different samples… really use the keys. With akai offering everything on their midi controllers and novation’s auto mapped series of midi gear this seems like Alesis has been asleep at the wheel

  3. The drum pads appear to be the same as those on Akai's Synthstation keyboards. But what only 4? This thing would have to be a lot cheaper than the competition.

  4. C'mon man, I just sold an Axiom 49 that had all this and 4 extra drumpads and aftertouch. Sold it to a guy that wanted to use it with his iPad and the Line6 MidiMobilizer. What happened to Alesis…they used to be cutting edge with the HR16 and MMT-8 with Datadisk (I had both). Now they just seem to be another me too company without much in the way of innovation.

  5. I bought it for using with garageband because it is so cheap(85USD – on discount promotion), then I found one big problem. It's about the sustain. The sustain didn't stop when I withdrawn my foot from sustain pedal. I brought this midi keyboard back to the shop and let customer service of the shop see. We tried to figure it out and found that the sustain of this model is incompatible with garageband. So I returned it to the shop.

  6. I bought the Alesis QX49, and I have the same issue with the sustain pedal, I am not using it with a software but to control the sounds of another keyboard, but the problem seems to be the same one, the sustain pedal does not work properly. I have tested it with at least 5 different pedals. Also I went to the store because, opened a box with a new controller and it behaves in the same way. I have not returned mine yet trying to find a solution if not I going to return it with 30 of my purchasing.

  7. hey laleyenda… I've got the same problem with the sustain!! In fact I don't use a sustain pedal however sometimes the sounds that Iam playing with just get stuck…
    Is there any solution for this problem ???

  8. Glad I'm no the only one with this problem! Has anyone tried plugging an external power supply in? One thread suggested it may be a usb/power problem?

  9. Same problem with the sustain pedal here. If the pedal isn't plugged in, it sends random sustain messages. If it is plugged in, it works as a continuous controller (not on/off). Major problem here…

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