New Atmospheric Soundscape Generator For Windows, psyBOX


M-RGT has introduced psyBOX, a new atmospheric soundscape generator for WIndows, designed to produce ambient and space music:

psyBOX uses samples as a source of spectra, splitting them into multiple grains-micro waves and combining them in clusters. Those clusters are formed randomly and they flow from one into another forming “infinite drifting morphing”. The two-layer scheme allows to expand tool possibilities making the sound more condensed and multilayered, adding more volume to the panorama.

You can preview the output of psyBox below.

psyBox is available now for US $12.50. The full version lets you user your own samples as sample sources.

Note: See comment below – one user reports psyBOX triggering an anti-virus alert. Use protection.

11 thoughts on “New Atmospheric Soundscape Generator For Windows, psyBOX

  1. I've added a note about this in the post – thanks for the feedback.

    Let us know if you hear anything from the developer.

  2. Just so you know the Trojan your detecting is due to lazy work by the anti-virus manufacturers. They always list legitimate software as a virus. The virus alert is due to .sem files created in synthmaker and is legitimate code.

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