The Moog Lunar Impact (Custom Minimoog Voyager)

Saturday Synth Porn: Nova Musik has announced a partnership with Moog Music to offer a custom version of the Minimoog Voyager – the Moog Lunar Impact.

The Moog Lunar Impact Features:

  • A custom Lunar Impact serial number plate
  • All white wood cabinet and metal panels
  • All white rocker switches
  • All Blue LED’s
  • White flashing pitch and mod wheels
  • Full Moog Warranty

The Moog Lunar Impact is expected to ship in June 2011 for $3,199.

2 thoughts on “The Moog Lunar Impact (Custom Minimoog Voyager)

  1. It's funny how this synth will look like after one year of heavy use… I really doubt that they did sophisticated research about white colour layers on various surfaces (like Apple did with white iPhone 4 e.g.).. It's beautiful, but I like stuff that don't need cleaning after every use…

  2. I'm a bit confused. It says all blue LED lighting, but I don't see the dials lit up. IS this like the Select Series of Voyagers that have LED lighting for the dials, or just an overhead white light?

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