Renoise 2.8 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

Renoise developers let us know about their latest release, version 2.8.

Here’s what’s new in Renoise 2.8:

  • 64 bit for PC & Mac
  • Pattern Matrix additions
  • Track grouping
  • New DSPs and improvements to old ones
  • Extra sample editor tools
  • Improved Spectrum View
  • Performance improvements
  • Workflow improvements
  • Changes to pattern effects and many more.

Renoise is a digital audio workstation based on mod tracker concepts. It’s multiplatform, supporting Linux, Mac & WIndows.

Renoise 2.8 is now in beta testing. See the Renoise site for details.

2 thoughts on “Renoise 2.8 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

  1. A couple major highlights: render slices to new instrument (without the tool) and the new repeater dsp. the old 0e (0r) was shit for 300-400 bpm. One less reason to go outside renoise.

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