Pittsburgh Modular Intros Fragments Generator Eurorack Module

Pittsburgh Modular has introduced a new module for Eurorack modular synthesizers, the Fragments Generator.

The “Fragments” are a set of pings, or short bursts of sound created by a trio of Twin-T filters. The Twin-T filter circuit was used by some classic analog drum machines to create percussion sounds. Realistic tom-toms, congas, and kick drums can all be made using this method.

The Twin-T filters included in the Fragments Generator have been adapted and optimized for a specific purpose. The goal was to create an analogue method of generating sounds at the level of individual “grains” or “fragments” similar to a traditional digital Granular synthesizer. According to PM, “by approaching the process from another angle we have come up with an entirely new sub-genre of synthesis.”


Fragments Generator creates a constant tone that consists of overlapping and interacting fragments which can be manipulated in a number of ways.

Details are available at the PM site. Pricing and availability are TBA.

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