Changeling Sequencer Lets You Improvise In 16 MIDI Channels

Developer TvanD has released an updated version of Changeling Sequencer, a diatonic chord sequencer for the iPad.

Changeling Sequencer is designed for recording and manipulating musical phrases.

Here’s how they describe its use:

  1. Start by recording a simple melody-line with one finger.
  2. Change the scale and root by sliding the ribbons.
  3. Transform the melody to a chord progression by turning the chord knob.
  4. Play around with the available voicings and transition modes that affect chord inversions.
  5. Spread out the chord notes over time using the arpeggiator.
  6. Switch to the next track by swiping down on the pattern area.
  7. Change to playback mode, and start improvising a solo over the chord progression until you hear something that you really like.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

The video, via nakanosyun, demonstrates manipulating Mozart’s Jupiter theme with Changeling Sequencer.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:


  • 16; one for each midi channel
  • all parameters for each track in a sequence are saved & recalled
  • lock scales and root notes per track, independently (longpress gesture)
  • cycle through tracks by swiping up and down the pattern area
  • copy/paste & clear patterns, works between sequences (longpress gesture)
  • multiple undo / redo, state is saved each time you switch from record to playback
  • quantization while recording patterns
  • midi export via email (records all parameter changes & midi channel info)
  • support for custom soundfonts; Open them in changeling via Dropbox or Email for example. The internal sampler is still monophonic though.
  • fast sequence switching (by swiping left and right in the pattern area)
  • memory; Soundfonts are unloaded in MIDI mode.

Changeline Sequencer is $4.99 in the App Store. If you’ve used it, leave a comment with your thoughts.

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