Toxic FM8 Patch Library For NI FM8

PluginGuru has introduced Toxic FM8 – 71 ‘high octane’ patches for FM8.

Here’s what they have to say about Toxic FM8:

FM8 is considered one of the toughest synthesizers to program and in his second library, John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl has studied closely many of the inspiring sounds coming from todays music and injected them into FM8 with tricks galore to make getting Mind Blowing dance tracks will help define you as a unique new artist.

Many people believe that getting killer growls and bass drops with FM8 requires both FM8, a mountain of effects and days of programming automation into your sequencer – NOT TRUE! Play a Toxic patch and move the Modulation Wheel (he also programmed the Morph pad) and listen to the Jaw Dropping Growls, Groans, Squelches and other insane sounds that you can simply produce in REAL-TIME. In fact, if you don’t use the Modulation wheel on many of these patches – they sound BORING because you have to perform them to get the sound to come alive!!

You can preview Toxic FM8 below:

Toxic FM8 is available now for $30. See the PlugGuru site for full details.

6 thoughts on “Toxic FM8 Patch Library For NI FM8

  1. Despite the INCREDIBLE library, the hour long, super in -depth tutorial that really elegantly breaks down FM8 as a whole is worth the 30 bucks. What a great package with some of the best dubstep sounds i’ve heard from ANY preset bank out there. Cheers!

  2. wow, i have never thought of FM synthesis being used in that way, i knew that you could do some sick things in the stylings of psytrance type synths but i didnt ever think of it being brought to the modern time in this way.

    FM synthesis is a bit mystical in some ways and now i am inspired more to explore it.

  3. Toxic FM8 is very growly, harmonic punchy full versitile. Some of the best sounds I have. Thanks John for RAUNCHING OUT with your grey matter.

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