iVardensphere’s Interesting View On Music Gear (Totally NSFW)

NSFW: Gear videos may never be the same after iVardensphere’s Interesting View On Music Gear. 

IVardensphere is a Canadian band that mixes tribal drums with ‘pounding analogue synths’.

Featured instruments in this video are:

  • Sherman 2 Filterbank
  • Schippmann Ebbe und Flut Filter
  • APC-40
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Elektron Machinedrum
  • Elektron Octatrack
  • Serge Modular
  • Djembe Hand Drum

15 thoughts on “iVardensphere’s Interesting View On Music Gear (Totally NSFW)

  1. Okay, I highly appreciate tech-talk from electro-industrial musicians. And I like crazy videos. That’s all fine.

    But why has the recording quality of his moderation to be so extremely bad? Maybe it’s different for a native speaker, but I am having a really hard time understanding what he is saying over all the background noises. That’s sad because otherwise that would have been a really cool video 🙂

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    1. I find I surprising how many quality musicians simply can’t get decent voice over on their videos, or if they do, the levels are all whacked.

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  2. Isn’t there like a People for the Ethical Treatment of Wooden Animals and Things (PETWAT) we could call and report that abuse of the wooden horse?

    My eyes….my eyes……

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  3. I was liking it fine until the neo-wubstep began and the gal in red started taking the lash. Then it became a bit of a blur, heheheh….

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  4. Fun video indeed! I had to look up a couple of their tracks on youtube and the music is pretty cool, very EBMish, something I like.

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  5. Wrong on so many levels – but the biggest is the.miking!

    Still – enjoyed how he tried to keep a straight face through it all.

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  6. And what does this tell you? … it tells you that there are better things to do, than listen to gearlist rambling… (and now I’ve said too much I think…) ;O)

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  7. That was a really great video. If you thought you were supposed to understand what he was saying, then you missed the point.

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  8. iVardensphere’s CD, APOK, was one of the best releases of 2011. Be sure to check out their song “Chasing the Dragon”

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  9. Either I am totally numb, or not yet bored to death, because none of that s**t did anything for me. Except maybe roll my eyes at the level of pretense. I mean, so what? Meh. The Integra-7 video is more interesting, and I wouldn’t even buy one.

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