Korg ‘Major Announcement’ Coming – What Do You Think It Will Be?

Korg updated its site today, adding this teaser image for a ‘major announcement’.

They aren’t giving anything away about what the announcement will be, just saying that they will be live streaming it on 9/4.

What do you think the ‘major announcement’ will be?

61 thoughts on “Korg ‘Major Announcement’ Coming – What Do You Think It Will Be?

  1. I would really love a Korg Z2 as a continuation of the physical modelling synthesis introduced (and abandoned) with Prophecy, Z1 and MOSS.

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  2. – Kronos desktop/rack? (I would love to have Kronos rack with a standard USB touch LCD input. The tiny LCD on the Kronos keyboards is a real downside compared to Oasys)
    – Something analogue (Monotribe with all hidden MIDI features seems to be a testing device for something more advanced – I would expect keyboard synth (micro keyboard) with VCO/VCF/VCA otherwise digitally controlled, MIDI, basic envelopes (full env accessble via MIDI cc), simple sequencer, LP/HP Korg filters, with MS10/20 reminding design, target price €350-450)
    – Kronos for iPad 🙂 🙂 🙂 … fun, but what about iPad controller replacing the display ?
    – Polysix/M1/and the rest of the Legacy collections for iPad
    – Kaoss Pad for iPad

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  3. The “Micro Madness” competition that Korg are running at the moment promises, as a prize, one of 4 new products that Korg are releasing at the end of the year. This announcement must relate to that. Given the “Mono Madness” competition they ran last year, I’m guessing and hoping that at least one of these new products is the microkorg / monotron hybrid that will sell like hot cakes!

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