Yamaha MX49 & MX61 Workstations (Sneak Preview)

News has leaked out about a couple of new workstations from Yamaha, the MX49 and MX61.

Here are features (unofficial) for the Yamaha MX49 & MX61:

  • 49 and 61 keys (MX49/MX61)
  • Over 1.000 voices from MOTIF XS
  • 128 maximum polyphony
  • VCM effects
  • 999 arpeggios
  • 4 knobs
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Stereo Aux
  • Audio and MIDI USB interface
  • Software YC-3B and HALion SE

If the rumored pricing is correct, the MX 49 and MX 61 could be very competitive:

  • Yamaha MX 49 – 499 euros = 402 British pounds sterling
  • Yamaha MM 61 – 444 euros = 358 British pounds sterling (£337.00 at one dealer)

Note: This is unofficial information. Actual specs, availability and pricing are TBA.

Update: Official information is now available.

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29 thoughts on “Yamaha MX49 & MX61 Workstations (Sneak Preview)

  1. The prices seem really low, especially if they are the list price. M.A.P. prices would makes these things a steal, but, it’ll be interesting to see if the American prices work out to be the same.

    1. 999 arps are surely very appealing to a world where playing seriously by hand has fallen out of favor with the mainstream of simplistic pop. Just because a large group agrees on something doesn’t automatically make it good. However, I stand by these new ‘boards the same way I do behind Korg’s Krome. I’m sure a fair number of newbies or casual players will take them up as starter synths and do great things with them outside of the beats. Yamaha gear SOUNDS good and that’s the #1 point.

  2. So anyway, I was talking to my wife the other day and she said “I want to buy you something you really want for Christmas this year, what is it you’re looking at for your music?” I told her I needed something with a thousand arpeggios for this project I’m doing, no more, no less.

    She came back to me with a link to this new Yamaha, and I was delighted to find they’d released this model with a thou…



    Just re-read this piece, only 999 arpeggios? Oh dear…

  3. Guys, before you throw out more yawning, how about accepting this as an entry class keyboard, because that what it is? Don’t make comparisons that are out of proportion, nor have not expectations to be on or above the level of XF. If you are not after the entry level keys, don’t bother writing a comment. There are numerous people who take music as a hobby that will appreciate this little gem.

  4. I’m interested purely on the voice architecture. 1000 voices from MOTIF XS, VCM Effects, audio/MIDI interface and 128 note polyphony? The MOX series comes in at 64 and is twice the price. Even if the MX series doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that the MOX series has, at half the cost that is a serious bargain for what you’re getting.

  5. I`m always amazed how Chinese company can put whole android 10″ tablet for 99$ but Yamaha have problem to put something bigger than display on washing machine on theirs 3000+ $ workstation. And here we even have 7 segments display for 3 characters !!!! WOW !!!! Not to mention same old rompler engine just like in 10 years old phone that can play midi jingles. Why any sane person buy such a crap ? Same goes with previous MOX …. Why no sampling ? Why half of polyphony ? It cost You nothing Yamaha !! NOTHING !!!! Back to the displays … if for some reason you can`t add something bigger just give us HDMI out. For 120$ we can buy 24″ inch monitor.

  6. My concern is the build quality, is it like the MOX series in terms of cheap and pliable plastic housing? Hey, nothing wrong with workstations either. I am just surprised that the big three out of Japan haven’t put more effort into keeping in touch with this current state of music technology and the user base. Let’s see here…Korg legacy collection, Korg iPad apps (step in right direction, and good at that), Yamaha iPad apps (very useful…yeah, there’s a boat load of arps, in the big picture it’s all about the creative vision of the user), Roland iPad apps (besides editors what else? They are disappointing in effort, maybe they are satisfied with the umteen thousand 808/909/303 emulations out there)…I’ll tell you what is out of touch…the new Oberheim SEM for $3500 a pop…what does that give you? 2 voices and bragging rights related to piss away funds?

  7. So out of touch. Any company puts out something innovative and cool , and the damn thing will go on back order for months! I’m sure stock will be more than sufficient on this one…

  8. If you count no arpeggio at all as an arpeggio, then there are a thousand arpeggios.

    The absence of something is itself something. Isn’t that something?

  9. Looks like Yamaha is having trouble topping their Motif XF and the Tyros workstations, so they are filling in at the entry level for now.

    A good entry level, but real synth rather than static sample machine would be nice, but if it sounds good people will use these. Heck, I might even grab one of the little ones if the filters and effects are decent. I wonder why they didn’t put down just one more arp and make it an even 1000 though.


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