Propellerhead Reason 7 Announced – Here Are The Details


Propellerheads have announced Reason 7 – an update to their popular DAW app that adds new features and an enhanced Factory Sound Pack.

With over 90 third party Rack Extensions already available, Propellerhead has focused its attention Reason’s mixer, the rack and the sequencer.

Here’s an overview of the new features:

New in Reason 7:

  • MIDI out
  • Automatic audio slicing and audio quantize
  • Convert recordings into REX loops for further creative possibilities
  • New spectrum analyzer with visual EQ controls
  • Group and parallel mix channels
  • Workflow improvements
  • Reason 7 makes it easier to import audio from usersโ€™ music libraries and the web, with support for mp3, aac, wma and more.
  • Enhanced Factory Sound Bank comes with new loops and drum kits.
  • New Audiomatic Retro Transformer effect unit adds a “futuristic-vintage” sound

Reason Essentials 2 has also been announced giving an entry level way in.

Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 begin public beta testing today and will be available for purchase worldwide in Q2 of 2013.


  • Reason 7 EUR 405 / USD $449
  • Reason Essentials 2 EUR 120 / USD $129
  • Reason 7 Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) EUR 129 / USD $129
  • Reason Essentials 2 upgrade from previous versions FREE
  • Balance (includes upgrade to Reason 7 for owners of previous versions of Reason) EUR 429 / USD $449

See the Propellerhead site for info on Reason 7.

98 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason 7 Announced – Here Are The Details

  1. i like reason. i really do. but its like IOS. its a walled garden. no freedom to do much outside of what they want you to do.
    for that reason, we never got along.

    1. Even though Reason developed one of the first usable ways of getting audio & midi time code in and out of desktop applications?

      Part of what I love about Reason is it’s walls. For the same reason I write in Darkroom. I don’t get distracted thinking about how I could use other software to “improve” the sound.

      Reason to me is about sound design, modulation routings, and midi sequencing. I still own Reason 5, so no audio, and never needed it. Just rewire my output into logic or live, and I’m off!

      There are definitely times when I wished Reason could do something that it can’t… but there’s always a work-around. And work-arounds have always been half the fun of studio work. That’s what experimentation is all about. If your tools are perfectly designed to do exactly what you want, then you aren’t experimenting very much, are you? You’re just refining. Which is fine. But I like the former.

  2. My favorite music making app does its thing. I am happy for Reason users everywhere. While many say other DAWS had these features for years. Reason was not a DAW years ago, keep in mind it was an add on to your already existing DAWS hence Rewire. Also this is good for people who just loves the Reason workflow and care not to use anything else. Thank you Propellerhead this is beyond cool. For me nothing beats the Reason workflow and flexible routing, nothing. It can be as simple and complex as you want it to be. Most of all you can open songs made 10 yrs ago and they play back exactly how you left them. Name another DAW that accomplishes this so easily. Top notch software for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The day they introduced the offensive USB key lock was the day Propellorheads sold their soul to the devil and became the anathema of the freedom of expression in music.

    An avid supporter since day one I loved this application and cut my audio teeth on it… But now it sits unused on my hard drive. Version 5 comes out to play once in a while, but 6 onwards forget it – do not like!

    When they come to their senses, remove the crippling key requirement and return to being human beings again instead of soulless greedy monsters they have become I will reconsider, but until then they never get another penny from me!


    1. The requirements do not mention needing a slot for the dongle. I have a pretty good felling it is gone. Actually I am certain. Get that wallet armed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Dude, is it really that hard to plug the key into the slots on your keyboard? Every wired Mac keyboard has 2 usb slots, one of the mouse and one for …. your usb key. Actually it’s so left handed people can plug in the mouse on the left side but really are you using the other slot for anything? This is only something a pirate would cry about.

      1. Perhaps the 2nd USB slot is needed for something useful in music making: like a Keyboard, or Controller, or an Audio Interface. I didn’t rage about the USB dongle requirement when Propellerhead introduced it, but it is an annoyance. You can authorize via network instead – but network isn’t always available.

        The people I saw upset about the dongle requirement weren’t pirates – they were people who like me, had been registered users and upgraders ever since the days of ReBirth and Reason 1.0.

        1. Bro, a keyboard usb port doesn’t have enough electricity to power an interface. They’re only useful for mice, dongles and usb sticks.

          1. That’s right – if you have a qwerty keyboard with a 2nd USB slot. I use a mac, and PCs too – not everyone has a mac, nor a 2nd spare USB slot. A lot of us use a laptop – as in, we’re musicians and we travel – so we’re not likely to have a qwerty keyboard plugged in during a gig.

    3. Umm, web authentication works for me.

      If that’s a hassle just put the computer to sleep, don’t reboot every time.

  4. CV out? Please make an interface for this props! How about 4 CV outs, 2 audio outs and 6 audio ins? Or something like that. I’d buy the hell out of it.

    Interface as dongle is no problem.

      1. I haven’t looked closely but it does look like they’ve met us half-way. There is a Reason CV to MIDI converter, not sure what the resolution of Reason CV is?

      2. Being able to use any DC coupled audio interface would be okay, but I’d prefer to have something that they test with specifically with reason to make sure it works and is more tightly integrated.

        Why are people against CV out in a propellerhead interface? It’s the ultimate rack extension. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What about the big modular at the start of the video?

        Or when korg puts out a MS20 RE you could then use it with the MiniMS20! How cool would that be?!

  5. Fantastic!.. Finally the Props have seen the light and given us MIDI out.. I was beginning to fear I would have to leave the platform in search of MIDI but now I can integrate with the fantastically creative Reason environment..
    The haters clearly lack the ability or imagination to truly get into Reason without reaching for their bog standard VST presets

  6. OMG OMG OMG ๐Ÿ˜€
    MIDI out!!!! For me, this alone gets the upgrade money. The RE MIDI Out has a CV in… with so many modules having CV out, this will sure get some experimentation. Much fun to come. As expected the first thing I’ll try is the Arpeggiator.
    The other updates are also nice and will speed up the workflow (group channels, finally).

    I’m very happy with this announcement. I was waiting to see what R7 would bring and getting ready to sell my license, but that is not needed now ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Durghhhhh! You plonker… Do you not realise how stupid that comment is?

          If there are soooooo many people with a cracked copy of reason then the dongle/key does absolutely nothing except make paying customers lives more difficult.

          I find it deeply insulting that props did this after I paid out for the original and update after update after update… They are disrespectful, full of fear, and abusive towards their customers and ultimately, as you so rightly point out, achieve absolutely nothing with their ill conceived backward retarded copy protection turd!

          As for the comment about not knowing reason and hating it for that, you know nothing about me or what I do. I know it inside out and used to love it.

          Now I use software from respectful developers like Ableton, who still use copy protection but don’t make me carry around another piece of hardware and plug it in every time I want to use it.

          I paid for the f*cking software, I should be able to use it without it constantly nagging me for a f*cking key.

          Reason is a great product covered in shit.

          1. I actually I buy more from them because of the dongle. When I buy a Reason exclusive RE I know every kid making phat beatz on his mom’s PC won’t have a copy. Meanwhile you pay for some shit like Live or Sylenth or whatever and you feel like a chump when the lil’ hoodrat kid down the street already stole it 10 minutes after they were released.

            I get the feeling the people saying they will never upgrade to a new version of Reason until they get rid of the dongle are really saying they won’t upgrade to a new version of Reason till they can STEAL IT!

              1. iOS has done a good job of encouraging people to pay for apps and discouraging piracy, and you can get synths that would be $100 on Mac/PC for $5-20. It manages to be both better for developers and better for legitimate users.

                I don’t like copy protection hassles – but it means that you pay less than you would otherwise.

              2. What does it matter if everyone just takes from productive people and never contributes anything? You don’t get Sweden (home of Propellerheads) you get a third world country full of bums.

                1. Put down that dog eared copy of Atlas Shrugged Wat. DRM in all it’s forms is pointless and only serves to harm the legitimate consumer. I want content creators to get paid too, I’m one of them. I sure as hell don’t feel like a chump because I paid for my copy of Komplete, etc, and some other producer didn’t.

                  1. I’m not a rightist…in fact just the opposite. To me ripping off software developers is more like dodging taxes. Taxes are the price you pay for civilization and $459 is the price you pay for a fully featured DAW. Anything else and you’re trying to exploit.

            1. I am no more threatened by other people easily having Reason than I am from other people also owning guitars. If the only thing that makes your music unique is “warez kidz don’t have *this* patch,” then I guess I can see why you’d be into dongles.

              1. Sorry, I don’t use presets so pirating 100 vsts isn’t important to me…, but let’s put it like this, if a Fender warehouse got broken into and everybody in your neighborhood had them for free are you going to go out and buy one now? Or are you going to spend your hard earned cash on something else?

    1. Can this be confirmed…?

      If they have seen the error of their ways and the dongle has gone then yes… I will forgive and move on!

      I hate what they did with that and for damn good reason… But I’m not so stupid as to bear a grudge, even though I’ve had years without one of my favourite bits of software because of it.

    1. Yeah, but you forgot one key thing: it’s easier for unemployed hoodrats to steal Fruity Loops. You actually have to have some source of income to use Reason, which takes most “up and coming producers” of phat beatz and filthy dropz out of the picture.

      1. So something is more valuable to you just knowing that others are locked out from it?

        A kid whose parents buy anything he wants to imitate skrillix raises the value of your possessions, while a kid with the same ambition and skillz but poorer relatives is a threat to your music?

        Why don’t you get into collecting cars or something instead?

  7. I think MIDI out will be a strong selling point for “seasoned” instrumentalists that have already invested in hardware. But from a newcomer bedroom musician’s perspective that pretty much just relies on VSTs and a cheap MIDI keyboard it might not justify an upgrade/purchase. Perhaps not the expanded library either. I have the impression Reason 5 is still going strong among musicians (particularly because of ReWire). So I wonder if Propellerhead will be expanding the rack in version 7 with their own proprietary extensions or from now on rely more and more on third parties?

  8. I am kinda pissed tho I just bought a copy of Recycle and now it’s going to be integrated into Reason. It’s great that they did that and it’s a huge boost to the DAW …. but I do feel a little burned that my copy of Recycle cost more than this upgrade will…if this is duplicating or “rolling in” all the functionality of Recycle it would be cool if they gave people with it in their account a discount on the upgrade, even like 50 bucks off or something. Still, I’m so stoked, main thing that was missing for me was the spectrum analyzer.

    1. Just checked the FAQ on their site it states that Recycle has much more features than the integrated tool in Reason 7…

      1. Correct – think of the ReCycle features in Reason 7 as “ReCycle Lite.” One side benefit though: Reason 7 users will be able to quantize *audio* tracks as well as sequencer tracks.

        1. One of the major reasons why Recycle as an application was not integrated into Reason was its GUI and the way the screen stretched in size to see sound waves distinctly as well as configurations. Recycle was made way before Reason, and, unlike Rebirth, Propellerhead most likely couldn’t find a way to link the physical aspects of the two without changing the original presentation of Recycle. Still, a company like Imageline with FLStudio and SliceX (different but comparable to Recycle) was able to put the two concepts of a DAW and a slicing plugin together. I think Propellerhead should have simply made two versions of Recycle, one that integrates into Reason and one that can still open independently similar to how Celemony Melodyne works. As a standalone it would retain the original functionality, while as an integration of Reason, it would simply open up in separate panel much in the same way that the rack, mixer, and sequencer separate. Much like ReGroove and more so like the sequencer, Recycle could still open up in a sizable panel in the main screen by clicking on a Recycle icon, and then chosen to be seen on a larger scale as a full screen if desired, without having to stretch, and with further options to zoom. Recycle is still bought by many who don’t necessarily use Reason, but other DAWs, so this is also why there isn’t a consolidation as there was with Reason and Record into one system. However, with my perspective, there doesn’t have to be and Props can still market both, while getting full integration. The new version or “Recycle Light” (as described by the previous user) can still continue to exist (I think it is fundamental) in Reason 7, 7.1, and beyond. Once a user purchases And installs a full version of Recycle (I guess 2.3 or what ever designation chosen for the update), then data is sent to the Reason folder for integration. When Reason is relaunched, Recycle Pro is already merged. Just a friendly thought from a longtime Reason user.

  9. I actually thought the dongle was a good idea, because it meant you could install the software on multiple computers and plug in the dongle when you wanted to use it on that specific machine. Otherwise you have to transfer the license from machine to machine.

    1. I still CANNOT understand why they went into all that trouble of making the dongle and then they do NOT give us a way to install Rack Extensions offline. What’s the point? I do not want internet connections in my studio and i always download and register software on my laptop upstairs and then transfer the updated dongle(s) to my studio desktop pc downstairs. Everything fine and nice. I like many RE synths but cannot buy any of them because of this stupid system of installing them online ONLY! Do you hear this Propellerheads? You are losing sales! Please correct this, i really like some of this RE stuff! Anyway, for me, this new MIDI out feature is worth the price of the upgrade, i can finally connect my external hardware like i always wanted …

      1. I still CANNOT understand why they went into all that trouble of making the dongle and then they do NOT give us a way to install Rack Extensions offline.

        They did. The /only/ time you need to be online is when you’re trying a Rack Extension; in that case the server needs to authorize your use.

        But as soon as you bought a few rack extensions you can easily transfer their licenses right onto your dongle; thus no need for the Net anymore:

        Hookup your dongle, connect to the Props website, logon using your account.
        Now go to “Your account” (at the top) and then select the tab “Rack Extensions”.
        Click the big red “Manage licenses” button (at the right side of the tab).

        Now it’s going to download “Combined license for all your Rack Extensions.” which will be written to your dongle. After that; no need for the Net anymore.

        If you have any problems with these steps I seriously suggest taking it to the PUF, I’m sure people will be quite willing to help you out.

        1. Thank you, but i am talking about a computer that has absolutely no way of being connected to the internet EVER, not even for one second, no cabling, no wifi. I just tranfer my dongles to it, authorised elsewhere. What i need is to be able to transfer an installation file of a RE synth on a USB stick to it, together with the hardware key.. So …. ๐Ÿ™

  10. Reason 7 is tempting… I mostly impressed by the built-in sample slicing/REX file creation. I’ve been begging for that feature for years, and I’m glad Propheads have listened to their customers.

    REX was beginning to feel like a dying format… I’m hoping the next thing they do is re-vamp it to include a better stretch algorithm and elastic audio editing/warping ala LIVE…

    I hope the expanded sound library is full of actual instrument sounds and not loops… personally, they don’t do anything for me (I like to sample, but I resample and chop MY OWN MUSIC).

    The MIDI out is a cool feature…

    Dongles suck. Hope it’s gone. I have just enough free USB ports to plug in an interface, hard drive, and controller as it is… Hubs are impractical for mobile use, and the dongle makes my rig way more complicated to set up and tear down than is necessary. One of the reasons why I don’t use Reason as often as LIVE any more.

  11. yeah sooo, owning recycle costs more than the upgrade… they better start offering info on that – i will be quite upset if its fully implemented into v7 and owners of 6.5 and recycle have to pay for it (again)

  12. The Recycle integration and Midi out was probably the most requested features in the survey they sent out.
    I also asked for some type of controller so who knows they may release something along those lines in the next couple of years. You can use Reason if you have online access and just takes about 5 seconds to input your login info when you first boot it up. I can understand if you don’t like to have your wifi on all the time but that’s how it is currently.

  13. I don’t mind the dongle. Reason allows you to run via the web verification so if I am traveling, I usually don’t take the dongle and just do the inline thing. It is not that big a pain and is a nice option to having limited numbers of authorizations or requiring the dongle every time.

  14. I think you still need the dongle if you are doing the Rack extension thing (not sure though).
    I would quite like some drag and drop functionality which maybe they are gettting to.
    The basic Recycle chopping and rex creation looks fun and the time stretch to grid also. The midi out has been a long time coming so it really puts Reason up there as a good option for someone looking for an all in one audio recording option with effects, synths etc that can also sequence your hardware equipment too.

  15. I think the Props play their ‘game’ very smart. As if they waited for the smoke (and dust) to clear around Live 9 and then stepped in with their new version.

    What I also consider to be a very strong point here is that although the upgrade may seem small from an “outside perspective”, its actually pretty solid given that most of the new features have been asked for ever since I started using Reason (version 4). Now easily 3 years ago. And during those days some requests (like MIDI out) were already dated (=way before my time).

    Basically there’s something for everybody here, at a not too steep upgrade fee. I for one don’t care much about MIDI out, but I’m just as excited about the option to create your own REX loops.

      1. Erm, no, I’ve tried Reason and found it too user unfriendly for my taste, so I’ll stick with my MMT8 and Doepfer A-100.

        So “YAWN” back at ya Captain Smartass….

        1. as said! YAWN bla bla.. *analog*…blabla.. *rawmidisequencer*.. blabla * super specific audiothingy-you probably never heard of before*…blabla Y!A!W!N!

  16. Some nice new features here. I really hope that the Props aren’t going to stop giving us new instruments and effects in future upgrades just because of RE. I have to say that it is awesome that Props have stepped up and taken Reason in the direction of a full-fledged DAW. Reason really might just take over soon. If they were to incorporate some type of clip launch view like Live so that it could more easily be used for performance/djing (which seems like it would be easy for them to do) people might just turn to Reason in droves. It would be so nice if Native Instruments would make RE’s of all their flagship stuff.

  17. Love Reason….HOWEVER:
    1. glaring omission of Soundcloud export
    2. Seems like a missed opportunity to tie Figure into Reason….an “rack mount ” where you could import Figure tracks done on iPhone/iPad….maybe it would then automatically create 3 tracks into the mixer (bass, drums, lead)….
    3. Not one new instrument?!?!
    4. No new mixer features?
    5. No change in overall appearance?!
    * I’m a Reason user but hey I can still dream….

    1. Huge fan of Propellerhead here. I also agree with some of the suggestions above. I will go even further and say that the following should have been placed to enhance the massive release:

      A) Full 10 point multitouch capability (for win 7 & 8, & Mac osx lion) usable for all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets), that supports these. Inherently, a VNC client could recognize it and also make full use of it on an iOS or Win RT or Android or Ubuntu tablet.
      B) A bonus updated GUI for Rebirth on PC & Mac (similar to iOS version)
      C) A Rewire Rack Extension that opens a separate panel to host vsts, vstis, dx, dxis, and not “crash” reason. Rack extensions are fantastic but the layout of reason only permits certain designs. A basic Propellerhead host or hub that integrates into Reason would be the ticket, and it would not compete with REs since most are exclusives to the format and Reason would not crash since the host is linked but working independently. This could allow large GUI vsts from certain companies to be used in Reason, while FlStudio and Ableton can synchronize with the program.
      D) A streamlined version of Reason on iOS similar to the Cubasis concept with full integration to large version.
      E) Btw, someone also mentioned CV out, which can be a great tool.

        1. Awesome. As for Figure integration being mentioned, I believe that four options can be available for the users to open in Reason:
          A) An audio track of the entire recording made in Figure
          B) Three audio tracks of the individual instruments (bass, lead, & drums)
          C) Three midi tracks of the above
          D) And both the three audio and three midi tracks of the above.

  18. Love Reason….HOWEVER:
    1. glaring omission of Soundcloud export
    2. Seems like a missed opportunity to tie Figure into Reason….an “rack mount ” where you could import Figure tracks done on iPhone/iPad….maybe it would then automatically create 3 tracks into the mixer (bass, drums, lead)….
    3. Not one new instrument?!?!
    4. No new mixer features?
    5. No change in overall appearance?! .

  19. oh man, it’s so fun watching the freetards rage when they can’t steal Reason and iOS apps. Keep crying, it just makes my brand loyalties stronger, lol.

    1. The only raging going on here seems to be coming directly from you.

      Owning a Reason license is not a status symbol to elevate you above your peers and neighbors.
      Derive self worth from who YOU are, not the THINGS you own.

      1. the only raging comes from my clue…
        when i go to the supermarket daily and everyday i buy a beer from the same sweet saleswoman. so she knows who i am and how old i am, but still everytime asks me to see my ID (it’s not store policy, as she owns the store). Does that make her an annoying bit*h? yes it does, despite her looks.
        same with reason: replace reason w supermarket and beer w daily needs…wait a minute, daily music pleasure ๐Ÿ˜‰
        short: dongles suck! there are other ways to remember/legitimate identities..

  20. man… reason is just like MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MMAAAAAAHHHGGGG
    It’s interesting that a lot of musicians still use 4…or 2.5
    For me, I don’t need more cool stuff, because, I love cool stuff, and it distracts me, and makes me pay 120 dollar upgrades too often.
    I should just stick to Malmstrom.

  21. I may be wrong, but I’ll bet money on the fact that most of the people complaining about the dongle are just pissed off that it stopped them pirating the latest release. 6 was never properly cracked, I doubt 7 will be. Dongles aren’t a big deal, and Prop’s web verification means you only ever need it when you’re offline.

    I can’t believe how many people whine about software protection. All you’re doing is more or less admitting that you pirate software.

    1. I think you are wrong about that. I think a lot of people dislike feeling as though they are guilty before being proven innocent – jumping through hoops to make the software they paid for work properly. I have had more than one occasion when I’ve had legally paid for software fail to activate, and actually had to put off projects or get a pirated copy while customer support sorts things out. I recommend a book called “Content” by Cory Doctorow. It’s free online, and goes through several very well thought out arguments on copyright and DRM. All forms of DRM are fatally flawed.

      1. Everyone seems to be talking about dongles as if they’re some sort of tyrannical oppressive thing that ruins your life and prevents you from getting work done. I’ve even seen people on here go as far as to say that they won’t buy a plugin if it uses a dongle. How ridiculous! Steinberg uses them, Arturia uses them, Avid uses them and plenty of plugin manufacturers use them. Yeah it’s a pain when you only have two USB ports, but I’ve got a 14 port hub that lets me use all 8 of my MIDI controllers, my two dongles and plenty of other stuff besides. Yes, it’s bad that manufacturers have to resort to these measures to secure their software, but if it means that it remains uncracked (and in the case of Reason 6 it has) it’s good for the software houses.

        I’m not trying to demonise people who use pirated software – what you do is your own business, but copy protection is a fact of life now. If you don’t like it get yourself a Linux box and run Ardour.

        1. Let’s not pretend that developers are the bad guys. They’re the people making new music apps and trying to pay their bills.

          Free loaders are the reason we’re forced to deal with copy protection. Developers have choose between copy protection schemes or pricing their apps way higher.

          Just look at Arturia’s iMini vs Mini V. They have the same sound engine – so why do you think Mini V costs 10 times as much as iMini?

          1. same crappy millenium-tech engine? waaaaay to overpriced in general.. but at least the pc version can interact with different hardware. ios version is just a crippled normal version… or do you think iOS users are more loyal to devs? also one is a TOY, the other thing is a TOOL. it could be a hundred times more expensive and would be reasonable.. serious sound production with an iOS? which audio interface? ๐Ÿ˜‰ *not-trolling*

  22. I don’t like the dongle, but at least we can still use Reason without it. It is fully operational and we can save. For me, this is brilliant. These days I don’t even use the dongle on my laptop. I just open Reason to create some music. I have no need to even do the Internet Authorization. Save and go.
    At home I can plug it in and open my saved songs.

    They could at least make a short dongle, one so short that could only be removed with a pair of pliers. That would be nice.

  23. I DO NOT PIRATE SOFTWARE!!!!!!! Why are some people so stupid and ignorant?

    Anyone want to buy a LICENCE I BOUGHT for an upgrade from Reason 5 – 6 or a Record 1.5 license or a ReCycle 2.1 licence?

    The software, exclusively because of the dongle is 100% unusable for me, no Internet in my silo and no spare USB slots, I already have a hub and various instruments plugged in.

    Given it is so bloody awful I don’t want much for it, I can arrange for payment via PayPal so it’s protected and I will transfer the licences according to Props policy in a completely legitimate way.

    I will continue to use THE LICENCE I BOUGHT for version 5.

    Now, can the people suffering from delusions and mind fail please shut up and go away?

  24. I agree on the dongle being a pain esp w less and less usb ports on a macbook pro. While i like the midi out its long over due and i just paid to upgrade to 6.5 to get rack extensions a year ago. This definately should be a free upgrade for 6.5 users as it feels like a 6.6 upgrade vs 7.0. I have no problems paying a reasonable upgrade fee but not if it only includes upgrades that fix deficiencies (7.0 midi and rex shoulda been there long ago) just as they charged me for 6.5 and all i got was the ability to buy things from them.

  25. The dongle never bothered me as I am not using a macbook with 2 usb only. But as far as I can tell this might not an issue for the people who REFUSED to to move up from Reason 5 because of that dongle.. Now are they going to? ๐Ÿ™‚

    From their twtr:

    There are three authorization methods in R7: Internet Verification, Ignition Key and Computer Authorization ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Occupy Give Me Stuff For Free For Life Movement is still strong. It is the case when it is time to pay for upgrades, even though you are not pushed to buy stuff from them. No succubus with a propeller hat will come down to you under your camping tent in front of wall Street getting free food to force you to get R7 ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. It always puzzled me that while neither Live nor Logic require dongles or internet login, Propellerheads inexplicably decided to show how exactly much contempt they have for their paying customers. I was excited about rack extensions and purchased a couple of them, but the dongle/internet login thing is so annoying it discourages me from using the software when I can fire up something else that doesn’t slap me in the face or burn one of my USB ports for nothing.

    And as much as I like being able to get an FM synth for Reason as a rack extension, it will be sad if they have given up on adding new instruments to Reason itself.

    1. Contempt is exactly the right word!

      Computer hardware authorisation is the way to go with this and it’s how Ableton do it. It’s authorised once online and that’s it, you are then free to use however you want, no further harassment.

      I have changed hardware several times since purchasing Live/Suite/Max and they have always been very fair and responsive when I have requested changes. I think you can authorise two machines at once.

      I’m still reluctant to give Props any more money until I am 100% sure I can throw that useless dongle in the bin… Actually I will take a sledgehammer to it, make a YouTube video and share the joy and relief being released from prison. Heh!

      1. The Dongle is no longer needed. You can authorize your computer now.

        “In Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 weโ€™re adding a fourth way of authorizing the software. You will be able to add your Reason, Reason Essentials and Rack Extension licenses to a single computer, for offline use. This way you can use Reason without being connected to the internet, or without a USB port taken up by the key. You will still be able to keep your license on a USB key, too, if you have one, as well as use Internet Verification, if you have several computers you use Reason on.”

      2. Computer authorisation is a terrible system – especially the one Waves uses. My laptop went in for repair twice in two months and when I finally got it back I couldn’t recover my licenses, despite being able to prove that the repairs were carried out. At least with my iLok enabled plugins I was able to use them straight away, and Reason opened up and worked first time. What about people with multiple systems as well? Or Mac users who also use Windows? IK’s method is pretty restrictive too, because you only get 5 authorisations, and once they’re used up you have to pay out. I’ve already used my 5 authorisations, so if my machine has to go back, or if I upgrade, I’m going to be out of pocket.

  28. Hi,

    What would be the price for Reason 7 upgrade from Reason Adapted version 2.5?

    If it will be the same price as now and after launching 7, then what is the benefits of this offer ‘Free upgrade to 7’?

    Because anyways it is the same price I must pay. I thought it would be higher price for Reason 7.

    Can anyone clear my doubt?


  29. Has the work directory feature been applied? These should already been in Reason 2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Until now the opening and saving functions have been a mess since they open any of the particular recent file folder. The ‘save’ function make my newest versions go into folders of totally other projects.

  30. I couldnt care less about midi and all that loop and sample stuff. I got this software when i bought a usb interface to record my bass and to work with audio, not with machine generated music.

  31. The price of software such as this reflects the intended use. If I install a copy of Reason and never actually do anything with it but just play around with it, never produce any finished product, never make a penny of revenue, then I should not have to pay anything for it. On the other hand, the first paycheque I get for selling a musical product made with Reason, I should immediately send the $450 to Propellerhead.

    Publishers should be handing out their software for free to every kid in his mom’s basement, those who learn it and end up being professional musicians will pay for the software. Those that tinker with it and move on to something else in life, need not pay anything, because the software was not intended to be sold to those types anyways.

    I’m a tinkerer, but having the means I bought Maschine, Komplete 9 Ultimate, and several other Native Instrument products, none of which I actually use except to make a few beeps of noise now and then and impress my friends with the product boxes (oooh cool). Do you think that I should have paid the $2,000 for that? Well I did, and Native is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Luckily for pirated software I get to use products like Ableton for more than the piddly 30 days, and now it is starting to grow on me. If I ever get to the point where I can actually use it the way it was intended, then I will gladly pay for the full Suite and more. You can be sure I will never buy Pro Tools, Reason, Cubase or any other dongled product that I could never play with beforehand to my heart’s content. REAPER has a much more intelligent and realistic licence scheme.

    What I’m saying is that companies go about it the wrong way and piracy statistics are overblown. It’s not piracy until you use a unpaid for product to make finished product the way it was designed to. Do you think there are a whole lot of people doing that? I think they are the minority. I think there are enough people with a conscience and honor system that they pay when it’s due. The rest are just tinkerers that have no right paying because they don’t use the product the way it was intended or marketed.

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