Tonebytes Intros Harmonaut – A Free Ad-Supported Synthesizer For Windows


Tonebytes has released Harmonaut, a software synth for Windows that they describe as a free ad-support synth.

Harmonaut is a simple VST instrument that implements an additive synthesis with four waveform types and 32 harmonics that can be simple drawn with the mouse. In the same way can be adjusted the attack, decay, sustain and release for each harmonic. Additional timbre adjustments are made using LP/HP filter, LFO and chorus.

Here’s a demo of Harmonaut in action:


  • 32 drawable harmonics with separate ADSR per harmonic
  • 4 waveform types (sine, saw, triangle and square)
  • Multimode LFO synced with BPM
  • Internal chorus
  • Easy control with pop-up menus
  • 64 factory presets
  • Built-in preset manager with ability to patch name editing
  • In addition, VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported.

Harmonaut is a free download from the Tonebytes site.

6 thoughts on “Tonebytes Intros Harmonaut – A Free Ad-Supported Synthesizer For Windows

  1. Next thing you know ALL synths will have ads (just like paid websites, or paid cable channels)…

    I call for a boycott of any synth that has ads before it becomes a synth-plague.

    1. People also called for boycott of any apps featuring ads when they first started appearing in mobile platforms.. sadly that didn’t work changed anything, and now the mobile app world is infested with ads, just like TV, just like magazines and newspaper, just like the rest of the internet..

  2. Unless strictly a novelty, i would always rather pay for a synth with no ads. Even if it was offered for free with them.

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