Chris Stack – A Voice for the Voiceless

Sunday Synth Jam: Asheville, North Carolina musician Chris Stack performs A Voice for the Voiceless

Here’s what he has to say about his performance:

In this video I use a TC-Helicon VoiceWorks, VirSyn HarmonyVoice app, Ableton Live and a bunch of Moog and other synth gear to create an interesting vocal performance environment.

Analog Control Voltage step sequencing created by Ableton Live and a Moog Multi-Pedal ad an interesting rhythmic dimension.

You can find out more about Stack and his music at his site,

5 thoughts on “Chris Stack – A Voice for the Voiceless

  1. very good work, very pleasing actually- very interesting way to go beyond the classic vocoder technique.

    Like this comment?: Thumb up 2

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