Sound Of Science + The Horrorist – The Last Martian

The Sound Of Science, an electronic music duo made up of Tom Carpenter and Jason Subtractive, from synth makers Analogue Solutions, have a new collaboration out with reader Oliver Chesler, aka The Horrorist.

Carpenter ‘eats his own dogfood’, building the type of gear he wants to make music with. Here’s what he has to say about making music electronics for making electronic music:

“I love electronic music (electronic, synth-pop, industrial, electro-pop, techno-pop, musica electronica). I love the sound of the synthesisers and drum machines used to create the music. I love the old technology and the modern equivalents. I love the analogue sound.

The music products I create are aimed solely at making it easy for musicians to continue making the sounds and music I love. I design pure traditional analogue synths and drums, based on 1970s designs to give them a truly vintage sound. There are no digital LFOs, DCOs, presets or CPUs controlling the sound/modulation.

I also make analogue CV step sequencers. Combine those with the synthesisers and drums and we give you a complete package to create great electronic music.  The options are stripped back to the essential just like the good old days.”

Chesler has this to add about the project:

About six months ago I was asked to take part in a then secret music project.

Tom J Carpenter and Jason Subtractive of Analogue Solutions were planning an ambitious string of Synthpop/New Wave releases. They were going to work with different vocalists, create music videos and promised a high quality package.

I knew Jason’s synth work from his synth demos so I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. To say he has the Depeche Mode sound down is an understatement. On the song I gave my voice to titled The Last Martian listen to filtering bassline, high pitched delaying notes and at 43 seconds in there is a panning mid range sound that I’ve only heard Alan Wilder himself create. I knew that Tom was friends with Alan helping him repair some synths and selling him a Telemark. In fact, I question if Jason is actually who he says he is.

This was also the first time I recorded my own vocal to someone else’s lyrics. Vile Electrodes and Chad Glenn also remixed the track. Here he comes with his gun the last martian.

It’s available at iTunes & CD Baby.

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