Synth Nazis Must Die!


endai from  let us know about their latest synth shirt – Synth Nazis Must Die:

i made this limited synth fun shirt. it is a hommage to the 80`s Trash Movie, Surf Nazis Must Die, by infamous TROMA company.

my friends used to call me synth nazi and wearing this shirt helps me to be a little bit more open minded for music and stuff. i love synths, but synth nazis must die…

If you’ve ever been tromatized in a synth forum discussion, this may be the shirt for you!

Details at the softmachines site.

13 thoughts on “Synth Nazis Must Die!

    1. c’mon felix…no one asked you or put a gun in your head to read and comment….maybe here in Germany not everybody plays a synthesizer…nor everybody surf.s..however and accordingly to your smart comment…are we all Synth Surfers? LoL

  1. Umm, I don’t think the German neonazi parties produce many VSTs.

    They’re too busy drinking up the money they get from the German security service, for reporting on each other… (Oh, and killing the odd gay or non-white person).

    1. come on thats funny, like white cops in the states shooting black kids, and US marines killing babies, and then they start to cry because some guys took revenge by flying an airplane in a house haha

      why not make mai-lai t-shirts ?

      1. Possibly nobody made shirts for “stop killer synth cops” because you don’t get a lot of those on synth shows (at least in Europe).
        Nazis however are commonly seen, that is, the kind of theatrical confused kids who like to wear riding boots with their emo hair or backslick.

        You could probably move a few of those tees though, so feel free.

    2. “Umm, I don’t think the German neonazi parties produce many VSTs.”

      Der Brüller des Tages, danke dafür! 🙂

      (LOL of the day, thanks for that!)

  2. nazi ? seriously ? that should be funny or what ?
    stupid ignorant american redneck fu**

    stop bringing terror to the whole world and stupid nazi jokes

    cant believe this

    and people wondering why everyone hates the US

  3. Their manly piss’tools are like tiny stiff arms greeting each ot-her.
    One of those arms had to penetrate a wall of flesh to reach it”s destinazion.

  4. cool shirt, y’all are getting too worked up over nothing. If the word Nazi offends you then I think you are a little too sensitive.

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