Magellan Jr. Bring Artificial Intelligence To Synth Patch Generation


Magellan Jr – an analog modeling synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch – has been updated to version 2.0.

The update adds ‘smartly random’ patch generation, Inter-App Audio, new presets and more.

Here’s what’s new in Magellan Jr 2.0:

  • SPAWN (Smart Preset Aggregation with Windowed raNdomization)
    • Instantly generate new presets
    • SPAWN is a proprietary algorithm developed to create synth presets in a ‘smartly random’ way
    • SPAWN uses artifical intelligence to make decisions based on user-specified tonality parameters, such as Bass, Lead, Pad or Weird
    • The algorithm intelligently resolves over 100 synth parameters and over 80 FX parameters
    • Also generates arp patterns in any chosen scale or in a random scale
    • Comes with “Suprise Me” option to give complete control to the system
    • Retains 16 most recently generated presets in memory under the dedicated ‘Recent Spawns’ bank
  • Inter-App Audio: you can now use Magellan Jr as a remote instrument with your favorite IAA-enabled DAWs or music apps
  • Two new free preset banks: “Boleskine” by Yonac and “NWP Lab30” by New Wave Presets
  • New preset repositories
    • Favorites bank to collect your preferred patches in a single location. Simply star/unstar a preset to add or remove it from this bank
    • Recently used presets bank
  • Preset and Bank renaming
  • Restore factory presets option, so you can reintall factory presets at any time
  • BPM Lock: specify if you want BPM data to be loaded with a preset
  • Bounce whole sequences or individual patterns to audio via Sequencer -> Composition -> Bounce
  • Updated with newest versions of Audiobus and Sonoma frameworks
  • Many other updates and refinements

Magellan Jr is US $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Magellan Jr, let us know what you think of it!

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