Eigenlabs Planning New Batch Of Eigenharps


Reader Geert Bevin (the creator of GECO MIDI) let us know that a new batch of the Eigenharp Alpha is in the works:

The Eigenharp Alpha is Eigenlabs’ flagship instrument and due to the difficult building process and complex engineering, they’re built in batches. Since there have been enough people signed up through the waiting list, Eigenlabs is now kicking off a new build of maximum 40 instruments. If you’re interested in an Eigenharp Alpha, now is the time!

Details are available at the Eigenlabs forum

If you want to know more about the capabilities and goals of the Eigenharp, Bevin’s recent TED talk is a good starting point:

7 thoughts on “Eigenlabs Planning New Batch Of Eigenharps

  1. Sometimes, I really wish they would have a better product line with a better intermediate version.

    Pico is really too small and Alpha and Tau are too big. I wish they would have a version such Tau, with minimalist design, with the full 72 Keys but no Percussion Pads. That way, it could be shorter and be held more like a Guitar.

    Being smaller and more portable than Alpha/Tau, it would be great for stage, but also for transport… but it wouldn’t compromise the number of keys such the “Pico”. By removing some extra chassis, the Percussion Pad, etc… it might also help to get the price even lower and therefor more affordable (let’s say $1,500).

    THAT, I’d love and could probably affordable (and it wouldn’t be as inconvenient as the Alpha/Tau because of the size… and yes, size does matter, LOL).

    My 2 cents

  2. The yamaha wind controllers used by 808state .That is a good budget controller.
    These harps things are beyond most of our pockets and needs , and for me it’s interesting but no big deal . Just like D beams,Tenoris,I pads (for music) etc etc
    Maybe there will be a trickle down effect regards their technology .
    It is great that people get into this level of development .In twenty years will this company be going if they don’t reach a wider audience.

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