Improvisation From The Futur

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a little live modular jam action from French modular band, FUTUR

Technical Details:

Everything is done live, no sequences were preprogrammed. Roland Juno6 and SH101 for leads, Trigger Riot and Tiptop Audio modules for drums, The Harvestman modules for bass and Make Noise modules for other sounds.

Extrait du concert de FUTUR au Temps machine à Tours dans le cadre du festival Super Flux.

via Wilfried

13 thoughts on “Improvisation From The Futur

  1. It took a few minutes for them to warm up. I liked the rawness of their sound. Around 4:30 to 5:00 minutes reminded me of Gary Numan, with some edginess. Nice costumes. Go space age french beardymen with your modular synthesizers! The crowd did not seem very lively, though.

    1. Thanks for comment! Actually, the long drone intro is intended to bring progressively into the mood of the second part… well, we try! All the costumes, videos and band name are only some kind of a joke, we really don’t take use seriously with a “concept”, it’s just for fun, even if we try to do our best with the music itself.
      The crowd doesn’t seem very receptive but it was the beginning of the evening, they didn’t know us at all and the real star was the second band, Felix Kubin with Mitch and Mitch! Still we had nice commentaries after the show.

    1. It’s possible! All Juno & SH is played live by myself (thanks to the inventors of the hold button!). My friend Wilfried is playing the bass line, with his right hand. He also has a simple drone sound at the beginning (i don’t remember if he use it again later in the track).
      The drums are handled by his modular, with modules I don’t fully understand! There is a special pattern generator for them, that doesn’t work with fixed and programmed sequences (i think it’s the Trigger Riot – At the end, Wilfried is switching the live played bass to an argiated bass line. If you listened to it carrefully, there are not that much different sounds going on in the track.

    2. Well, drums are programmed on the go thanks to the Trigger Riot a module by Tiptop Audio, a rythmical melody is played via a synchronized LFO controlling a LPG with a DPO by make Noise, another one is triggered by the Arcdore a module by Snazzy FX, everything else is played via keyboard : bassline using the MicroBrute as a CV controller for the Hertz Donut via filters, and the SH101 and Juno-6. There is no memory used, everything is made from scratch.

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