Heather Hansen’s Emptied Gestures


Off topic: Heather Hansen’s Emptied Gestures is a series of performance art pieces that combine ballet, yoga and drawing. Hansen uses charcoal and a huge piece of paper to translate graceful slow-motion gestures into organic illustrations.

Her style, in the way it explores repeating patterns and stretches time, seems like a natural match for pairing with electronic music, as this video by Bryan Tarnowski demonstrates:

Music by Post Willow (Nicholas Principe}.

“Emptied Gestures is an experiment in kinetic drawing,” explains Hansen. “In this series I am exploring ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another.”

via Core77

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  1. I used to think reading this blog would help give me insight into the technical side of creation with a host of like minded people doing same. The more I waste time trudging through comments looking for some kind of thoughtful consideration or critique, the more disappointed I become with the “minds” in this forum. I like to have fun as much as anyone, but please try to appraise the materials as they have been presented.

    I also understand that this reads like I am a shaming, brow beating prick. I assure you I love a well placed funny/snarky comment as much as anyone, especially when it is due. I just wish you kids would at least try to pull your heads out of your ass every now and then and take the opportunity to participate in something larger than yourselves.

      1. Anonymity will always be your backbone my friend. You don’t know me or who I am just as I don’t know you. Good luck in your life and pursuits.

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