Image-Line Wants Your Input On FL Studio 12

fl-studio-12Image-Line is looking for adventurous users to help test FL Studio 12, now available for download as an ‘alpha preview’.

“We are looking for feedback about some of the major changes in workflow that have been made so far,” according to the company. “Please try it out and let us know what you think of how it works.”

Key Changes:

  • Browser – The Browser has changed (now with category tabs and the ability to delete content on right-click)
  • Channel Menu – The Channel Options Menu has moved from the Toolbar Menus to the Channel rack.
  • Channel settings – Have been integrated into the Plugin Wrapper.
  • Interface – Vectorial user interface. See Options > General Settings > GUI display.
  • Per Channel Swing – The Channel Settings now has a ‘swing multiplier’ amount.
  • Pattern Menu – The Pattern Menu has moved from the Channel rack to the Toolbar Menu and Pattern Selector.
  • Piano roll – Piano roll Auto-zoom can now we deselected from Settings > General > Auto zoom in piano roll
  • Playlist – Multiple drag and drop for audio files onto Playlist (from a Windows file browser).
  • Stepsequencer – Stepsequences are now interchangable with Piano rolls.
  • VST Plugins – VST plugin installation has changed.

See the Image-Line site for details.

17 thoughts on “Image-Line Wants Your Input On FL Studio 12

  1. If you’re on a Mac, it doesn’t make much sense to use anything but Logic and close on its heels, Digital Performer. The level of seamless integration still impresses me with Logic and MOTU’s DP has been all-Mac until just recently. The long previous commitment there really shows. I can see the appeal of various goodies such as Reaper, but dependable stability will almost always trump the novelty of change for its own sake. FL Studio is a pretty effective program, as evidenced by a friend who says it gives him good mileage. I simply encourage Logic use for Macs as a near no-brainer. It doesn’t get nearly the 3rd-party library luv of Live or Reason, but its a rare synth that isn’t cross-platform now. Between that and simply working at it, my sound collection is fairly well muscled, so its not like I’m seriously missing anything. Just weigh some of that if you’re already a Mac user. Be lazy enough to apply your work where it’ll be the most fun.

    1. Logic Pro is just too good of a deal to pass up. It gives you a ton of stuff for $200 and it’s seems like it’s starting to become a studio standard.

      What’s FL Studio have to offer that Logic users are missing?

  2. years too late? people have moved on?

    they might be interested in the free updates for life since they already paid.

    but 64 bit, mac operations and simple features that don’t require workarounds would be nice.

    But let’s face it Fruityloops is still a sketch pad for most.

    Unless you’re broke and don’t know better and like working in a tedious and eccentric old skool way..

    1. Let me guess, Image-Line killed your cat. The bile you spew runs deep buddy, Time to get a life. Image-Line are going from strength to strength with FL from what I can see.

  3. It’s been arduous and frustrating journey…tried Ableton years ago, gave up in frustration…then gave it another shot…and it just works for me…can’t see using anything else now…it’s beginning to feel second nature…and I don’t have to think so much about the process…if i want a sound I can pretty much get it…too many focus on the stuff…and it’s confusing…to keep switching to something different…thanks anyway for offering up a test version, though :).

  4. I think the old way to Install VST’s was easy enough, if you could have an option for both it would be cool, also upgraded default drums.

  5. -Audio Warp. (Time-stretching realtime on one long/short samples, cutting and stretching them without have to make unique parts from original samples)
    -Independent playlist (You can add your pattern and choose to change when you change the main pattern or independently stand as a unique sample/automation/pattern.
    – Auto quantize (when recording midi input, it quantizes your notes for you depending on snapping mode).

    These are just things I would love to see on FL12, if not, just any future version. Makes it easier for fast input and editing, also the live performance. FL studio never fails to awe me. Thanks guys!!

  6. It looks like we gonna get a OSX version off FL FINELY! i love your stuff and FL studio is a great aplikation im yousing the crossover version on my mac and wich i kud get more out of it ! if you get it running natevly on the mac i for one will bye everything you gus offer me period.

  7. Mixer – im happy about the new look.i wish fl studio could make the following changes to the mixer:
    1.the fl slots and fader be placed on the mixer tracks and not on the side.
    2.the mixer track should have the following under it.
    A.the fx slots (with volume control and panning under each slot)
    B.the fader under it is its controls as a dark graphical wav display and not light(loaded with presets).
    C.Stereo Imaging.
    D.Reverse/forward mode.
    E.Tempo adjustment (slow down or make the tempo faster individually).

    FL fx Plugins
    -change their entire look to vectorial and become the same as synth maker plugin.
    -include more amount of presets for fx e.g 50.
    -include wav plugins.
    -recording one touch recording without difficulties such as asio.
    -group plugins as Dynamic,mastering,EQ etc.
    -include all plugins from synthmaker which can only be bought but make them available for this version and include sound banks.

    VST plugins.
    -include mega presets from sites such as for every plugin.
    -create an advance vocal synth.
    -ochestral plugin with recorded wave sounds.
    -multi tone individual slicer.
    -include soundbanks for synths such as toxic,poizon,sawer etc.
    -include old school plugins such as toxic III,fl 7 Poizon.

    -CLEAR DISPLAY OF THE 3 BUTTONS PLAY,STOP AND RECORD as being a bit bigger than the icon.

    NEW features
    -direct plugin automation.
    -16 MIDI TRACK template.
    -video editing mix mode.

  8. The plugins are GIANT and I can’t re-size them. Harmor takes up the entire screen to the point where I can’t even see the bottom half of it to use it right. The bars on the top don’t fit nicely, to where one little thing such as the “click for online news” button makes room; another bar comes down to hold it, making my work space even smaller.

  9. In the pattern Window in the upper left hand side. There used to be a(set pattern length) tab.? How do I do this now? I’ll get used to it. I love FL.

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