59 thoughts on “What’s Dave Smith’s ‘Big Announcement’?

    1. The Prophet 12 has 6 SHARC chips for the voices (2 voices per chip) so if it is derivative of the P12, I’m guessing at least a 2-voice synth, but more likely 4, or hopefully 6. I remember Dave mentioning that this would be a new product, and not a scaled-down existing synth, so who knows? Maybe it’ll be a synth based on the Tempest architecture, which had a great synth / sequencer engine.

      1. 6 voice p12 synth engine in tempest style drum machine – could call it inferno or protest or siphon?

        i don’t want a mono synth i want 6 of them lol.

      2. I hope you’re right, Scott. The only thing i remember is he stated it wasn’t meant to be top of the line. Cheaper, but still fun.

  1. I would love if it was a stripped back, basic mono like the original Pro One. VCO’s, one knob per function, with midi in. It’s possible he could do this, considering the success of MS20 mini, and undoubtable success they’ll have with the forthcoming Arp Odyssey from korg.

    I know he’s said otherwise, but if Korg can reissue a synth from another manufacturer, then Dave Smith can release a VCO based mono synth with no digital additions.

  2. A Prophet V remake or a new synth under 1000$ (maybe 3 octaves only). What synth is Smith using in that photo? It seems a stretched Prophet 08.

  3. If the picture is magnified, it look very close to tthe layout of the P12 module… I bet it’s a lower voice count P12 keyboard, but with the module interface to get the cost down… There will of course, as always be a few bells and whistles to make P12 owners crave this as well…

    Dave has done these cut-down synths so many times wth his other synth-lines that it’s the most likely I think.

  4. Guuys you have to listen to his recent presentation Re. The History of Synths” and read between the lines.

    DSI are NOT n to making mono synths any more because any Tom Dick and Harry can kock one up that sounds good hthese days.
    DSI is NOT in to any menu diving at all (except in a PC editor eg. The Evolver).
    DSI ARE in to polyphonic analogue synths, which very few other developers currently produce. He mentions a Swiss developer name I cannot remember.

    So… those are our clues!

  5. Why does everyone want another mono synth? There are sooooo many analoge mono synths out now. DSI is one of the only companies doing poly. I’m hoping for something poly.

      1. Its not a problem at all its amazing! I love what Korg and Moog are doing too with their little cheap analog boxes. The problem is that there aren’t that many poly options. I think its just DSI and Elektron. Vintage stuff is awesome but the prospect of something new is always exciting!

  6. I’m pretty sure he’s putting out a new keyboard, he did an interview a few week back and he was talking about visiting suppliers to show them his new keyboard. No clue what it’s going to be though!

  7. What I want, I never get. But I’ll state it anyway. I want a Prophet 08 with sub osc and a partnership with Strymon or TC to put in tons of killer FX. This would free up tons of pedals and wires for me.

    Anyway, I hope I don’t feel as let down as when I saw the Roland AIRA series. Or as devastated and depressed as I was when I saw the new Jupiter 80.

  8. I like the idea of a DSI pasta sauce, but I bet it would have DC(Tomat)Os, which don’t have the warmth and character of VC(Tomat)Os.

  9. Nowhere does it say that it will be a new product, and I get the feeling it won’t be. Maybe an update to an existing product, a corporate restructuring, or a new piece of software to better integrate DSI product with one’s DAW. Honestly to me it looks like he is just sitting at a Prophet 08.

  10. A Prophet-6 with $1500 taped to the bottom, which I can use to buy it. Whatever it is will be musically useful. DSI has pretty much the best hardware path from modest to massive. Prophets have a certain “round” sound, in part due to the Curtis chips, so if you match that creaminess with a spikier synth like a MiniBrute, you can feel the muscle as it grows.

  11. Ill only break my porcelain pigs for a poly Multitimbral with 4 outputs bugless Analog synth. Please have no mercy, dave!

  12. It reminds a bit of the Pro One but I think that the most logical would be a kind of new Prophet 6….as other mentioned. But maybe (hopefuly) in a half way between muddy analogish of 08 and new digital versatility of 12…maybe 2 DCOs and 1 DOO per voice? (4-6 voices?)….the filter, at most would be like 12’s one..LP-HF…but not really a Modern Multimode. I hope a smart complete interface (a la 12 + 12 module)…including touch ribbons.

    I think it’s gonna be something like that…and it’s gonna be under 1500 Eur…and It’s gonna be my future synth…and may other. Would be a Best Seller for sure : D

  13. I’d love to see a six-voice version of the Prophet 12 with a 37-key keyboard, a few more knobs than the desktop Prophet 12, 4-part multitimbral with dynamic voice allocation, with the addition of a 32-step sequencer and under 1500 USD price tag. I’d be game for that.

  14. Gosh, if only someone would replicate the 8 preset half-hollow monophonic synth Keith Emerson used to use and then sell it for something reasonable like $100K.
    Translation: whatever it’ll be, it won’t be some April fools fantasy ala Moog.

  15. The NIMH-PHO, a new erotically charged autoreactive resynthesizer based on simulated enhancement of artificially intelligent rat brain symphonics.

  16. Mono-synth with delay. Subtractive synthesis. Possibly with sequencer. To replace the mono-evolved they stopped development on. Maybe with a new cool thing we wouldn’t expect.

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