6 thoughts on “The Art Of Sampling

  1. Dead interesting this. I like the two very different music making techniques but the mutual conclusion of just do whatever works for you.

  2. You can’t beat hardware sampling. Akai s950, s2000 and now an mpc 2500.Cheaper and better than endless computers,
    Out boxes etc. 10 output Akai cant be beaten!I picked up an 80 quid mpx 8.well worth checking out for travelling with.

  3. entertaining talk , but for an audio discussion, not having microphones on the audience to here what there asking is really annoying. and i see it on all these talks. Hello????

  4. The art of sampling? Besides a tired trope of itb vs. mpc purism (i get it, i have one too)… there was nothing here about any “art” of sampling, showing some guy using acapellas and (gasp), cutting them and pitching them against themselves, vs some dope who has the same beaten to death samples that we have all taken before…. happy for you… waste of time synthtopia, there has to be better material out there.

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