Studio Tour With Breaking Bad Composer Dave Porter

Ever wonder where the iconic sounds of Breaking Bad came from?

This video, via keyboardmag1, is a studio tour with composer Dave Porter, who scored Breaking Bad with an array of synths in his garage studio. 

In the video, Porter, discusses the synths he used to create the score with pro audio journalist Mr. Bonzai. Keyboard has a full interview with Porter in their August 2014 issue. 

13 thoughts on “Studio Tour With Breaking Bad Composer Dave Porter

  1. Wow- one of the worst, most boring interviewers ever… That guy sounded so bored…and the fact that he didn’t know what the ARP 2600 was is unforgivable.

    Porter seemed like a nice enough guy… and 2 Viruses!!!

  2. What a terrible interview. Bad recording, bad camera work, no real questions, no demos. Nice gear porn, but that was about it. Would have been nice to get some insight into where he uses certain instruments and where some of the iconic sounds came from (he only barely touches on that).

  3. i think the interviewer asked about the 2600 just to start the ball rolling. pretty standard interviewer tech, i think.

  4. I haven’t (yet) binge-watched Breaking Bad (I know, what am I waiting for?)

    I was curious to see the variety of gear from ancient-school mbira & koto to old-school analog all the way to iPad apps. He seemed not only to have a pretty wide array of sounds, but he deliberately avoided the modular can of worms.

    I thought it was interesting that he would record long sessions of just tweaking around with the Arp, and then cut & process for later use.

    Nice little room.

    1. First of all, if you haven’t watch Breaking Bad yet, I really recommend you to watch it, it’s a great show. And I also recommend you to stop after the Season 4 finale (which was the best TV Show finale I ever saw). Not that Season 5 was bad, but just Season 4 was just … perfect!

      Now about the sound modules, I agree with you. I do believe Dave Porter did a pretty wise choice, by combining all kind of sound modules, from the oldest to the newest, from analog to VA to digital and virtual.

      Each type of instrument has some advantages over the others. The smartest way is not to be center centric on only one type, but have a taste of all of them.

  5. This was probably just some friend of his who figured synth geeks would want to get a peek behind the scenes of one of the all time biggest hit tv shows ever. Stop being so butt-hurt that he didn’t demo his gear and give you his life story.

    And on another note; he has a JUNO-60 with the Minerva MIDI kit installed, which is 100% bad-ass.

  6. Hi,
    anybody know, which company did the wall mount thing, where the synthie´s located,
    or is it custom made ?

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