Nord Releases Mellotron Master Tapes Sample Library


Nord has released the Mellotron Master Tapes sample library for Nord Electro 4, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and Nord Wave.

The Master Tapes collection offers high-fidelity versions of the classic Mellotron sounds. It also features previously unreleased Mellotron sounds and rare custom sounds, made for Yes, Roxy Music, ‘BSabbath’, Tangerine Dream and others.

It also includes the Rhythms and Fills from the Mellotron MK I and MK II.

Here’s a groovy video preview, featuring Erik “Errka” Petersson at the Nord HQ:

Rhythm and Fills

The idea behind the Rhythms and Fills were to let users sound like professional musicians with a minimum of effort. By pressing a single key you’d have a complete old school rhythm section playing in your living room. Each Rhythm has corresponding Fills with Strings, Brass, Harps and more that fits automatically together with the accompaniment.

Custom Artist Sounds

In the abandoned Mellotron storage facility in Birmingham, a number of extremely rare tapes were discovered. These sounds were custom made for bands like Roxy Music, Yes, Tangerine Dream and BSabbath.

You can download or read more about the Mellotron Master Tapes at the Nord site.

16 thoughts on “Nord Releases Mellotron Master Tapes Sample Library

    1. Yes. There is no sense in keeping Wave and Lead as different product lines. Samples would have been a small step in terms of development, but huge step in terms of functionality and desirability.

      I would now have Lead 4 if it had sample support. I will never have Lead 4.

      1. Sample memory would have increased the price for 5€.

        Buying Stage 2 for getting samples for Lead 4 starting at just 2799! Very nice!

        And weights another 10kg.

        people are always defending!! Jesus indeed!

        1. 5€ hun? Why dont they throw in some organ engine too … + 5€!
          Then you dont need to pay 2799 anymore! Great! you get a stage with a better synth for a price of a lead+10€ !!!
          Thats genius!! Lets see if they do that!!
          They should do a 50% sale too!

          Jesus christ! Stop whining already

          1. Just the samples would do. Blofeld could fo that.

            Not an expensive component, not difficult to do.

            Your defending sounds whiny.

  1. Though I don’t have much nostalgia for those sounds, it is nice that they are in a non-proprietory format! I’ll grab ’em just in case.

  2. This would have been real nice if they were released in some other format. Heck, I might even pay for the samples, but it’s doubtful that I would buy a Nord just to get these sounds.

  3. Yeah, there are already mellorron samples already, these are different.

    I love the piano section of the stage 2, like the synth but it could be better and not blown away by the sampling ability. To improve for me personally;

    Slightly lighter action on the HA88
    Multi-velocity sampling capability
    Polyphonic portamento
    Increased memory (obvs)
    Hammond section needs a better rotary emulator. Speak to the folks at neo ventillator. But then, how the fuck can you play Hammond on a HA board!

    No one keyboard does everything, that’s why I gig with a few.

    Oh yeah, include that patch remain caper. That’s Pish when keyboards don’t have that. Ask Roland, they’ll sort you out.

    Thanks for the free downloads but.

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