Korg Announces Module For iPad


Korg USA today announced Module for iPad, a new app that turns an iPad into a mobile sound module.

Korg Module features five dedicated sound engines, a set list function with PDF image score viewer and music player, and the ability to record performances and share them via SoundCloud.

The engines feature technology that was developed for Korg’s keyboard workstations and synthesizers, including: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Clav, Organ, and Multi.

Here’s the video intro for Korg Module:

In addition to the standard modules, two expansion modules will be available: Synthogy Premium Concert Grand Piano and Wurley Electric Piano.

Here are audio demos of Korg Module in action:


  • 90 programs
  • Five modules
    • Acoustic Piano
    • Electric Piano
    • Organ
    • Clav
    • Multi
  • Master Effects
    • Modulation effect
    • Ambience effect
    • Usable simultaneously
  • MIDI
    • Play using an external MIDI keyboard
    • Program change
    • The damper pedal can be used to switch the rotary speed
    • Virtual MIDI
    • MIDI over Bluetooth
  • Usable in Gadget as five types of Gadget
  • Set List Functionality
    • Change programs for each song you perform
    • View images or PDF scores
    • Use the internal camera to capture memos, etc.
    • Edit text to create memos
    • Load text files
    • Load and play songs from the library of the Music app
    • Adjust the playback speed of songs
  • MIDI Player
    • Load and play Standard MIDI Files
  • Audio Recording
    • Upload to SoundCloud
    • Upload to Dropbox
    • Export to Mac/PC via iTunes file sharing
  • Velocity Curve
    • Dynamics can be varied by your playing on a MIDI keyboard
  • Other
    • Inter-App Audio
    • Audiobus 2 support

korg-module-set-listDevices Supported

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, Fourth-generation iPad, Third-generation iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini

Devices and approximate polyphony

  • iPad Air 2: 72 voices
  • iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2: 64 voices
  • Fourth-generation iPad: 48 voices
  • Third-generation iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini: 32 voices

Note: Polyphony will depend on the sounds and on the latency setting. Korg recommends using the latest model of iPad. Korg recommends using with a device with high storage capacity.

Expansion Sound Libraries:

  • SYNTHOGY Ivory Mobile Grand : 2GB
  • KORG Wurley Electric Piano : 120MB

Korg Module is available now for US $29.99 in the App Store.

28 thoughts on “Korg Announces Module For iPad

  1. You know what would be even greater new? If this, iMS-20, iPolysix, iElectribe and iKaossilator could be integrated into Korg Gadget much like Retronym does with Tabletop and iMPC and iMinimoog.

    Please do it!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly – Gadget has a very nice workflow.

      My only caveat is that this doesn’t stop each app from being used independently.

      Good show Korg – looking forward to checking this out 🙂

  2. Korg really has become the king of electronic instruments and apps. While Roland flounders with workstation after workstation and only a handful of retro instrument emulations, Korg has given the public what it wants on all ends of the spectrum.

  3. What would be really awesome is if it included a toilet brush””………..”…………”…….”
    Why is nobody satisfied with an announcement , they always want more…

  4. Korg is at it again! I concur with the others in wishing for the Legacy Stuff on iPad as well as the existing KORG synth iPad apps to integrate with Gadget. I still remember with glee the superb timing of the introduction of Gadget last year…that was an awesome “stocking stuffer”. Hmmm, what will KORG bring to us toward the holiday season this year? Maybe our wishes will come true judging from their ability to actually listen AND implement its end-users requests in a timely fashion.
    As always, Thank You Korg!

  5. Dear Korg,

    Keep on crushing it! We look forward to more gadget integration with legacy apps, but we know that is coming soon. Thank you for doing what you do, and doing it well.


    Satisfied User,

  6. Yes, this fills a niche. Pretty good sounds too. It also helps show why my laptop remains my music-making hub.

    Riddle me this: how long will it take for a genius like Guido to build an organ or a Rhodes with the realism and character of his VB3 or MrRay73 Mark II? I say at least 5 more years, probably closer to 10.

  7. If only the older apps could get some love too. Still not holding my breath for midi out and sync for the iMS-20, but desperately need this. Who am i kidding though, ill probably get this if the price is even close to resonable. 30 tops. Korgaholic here.

  8. I bought the app today and the sounds are great, BUT – when I use the sustain damper and stay on some notes for example with my left hand and i keep on playing with my right hand – still holding the sustain-pedal, the ton from the left hand suddenly disappears. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
    But the sound is on of the best I heard on the iPad!


    1. How did you get the sustain working? I can’t find an option for that and my pedal does nothing. Pretty much unusable without it. But yeah, Ivory does sound great, the rest… not so great.

  9. The polyphony on multiple tests on various iPad A7 mini retinas – which until quite recently was the top of the heap – at approximately 18 notes in stereo. That is ridiculous. It’s a real shame, the Ivory piano sounds great – and truthfully all I bought it for.


    – I can’t select MIDI Sources, as Midi Bridge to use it with splitted keys along with other apps
    – Program Changes sent from my floorboard (for selecting presets in Midi Bridge) are also received by Module and the sounds are being switched, too.
    – Can’t transpose the whole instrument – it would be possible if I could select an individual Midi-Source – such as Midi Bridge to pitch the whole instrument.
    – Can’t even select a single Midi Channel – Module receives Midi on ALL Channels at one time – no way to use it along with other apps on a different channel to be able to “swap” between different apps while playing by changing the Midi Channel from my Keyboard.

    All in all I am very dissapointed and angry because the name and the price made me exspect a highly professional instrument and now I must see that it is far beyond cheaper apps from singular developers – there is NO WAY to use it on my upcoming tour in February – I lost many hours of frustrating attempts today to get it implemented into my live setting where I want to use different synths as iMini, Thor,Animoog, Yonac Galileo Organ AND Module. It all works EXCEPT Module – the most expensive App from all.

    They should do some seroius upgrade or tell us if they are planning to sell their own controller keyboard here. This is not what people with a professional background exspect when they read the name Korg ! Sorry for being harsh here, but it is so frustrating – really.

  11. I’m plan in t parches this app today also the auria recording app, Do someten know If i will be Abel TO intégrate bouth app at the same til, what i ment is If i will be abble to streem the korg sounds thrugh auria or use the korg sounds to récord to auria on the same ipad unit?

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