Snow Audio Intros Chords For Cthulhu

SA_CHORDS_covers_600Snow Audio has introduced Chords For Cthulhu – a repository of 3500 chords for Xfer Records Cthulhu MIDI chord and arp module.

Arranged in progressions and loosely sorted by key, Chords For Cthulhu is designed to:

  • Inspire song ideas
  • Escape same old playing patterns
  • Provide easy harmony access for non-keyboard players
  • Allow for effortless experimentation

Route Cthulhu to output to your synth of choice, load up to 100 chords at a time from one of the 35 presets banks, and add instant harmonies to any project.

Here’s a video demo:

Chords for Cthulhu is available for $7 at the Snow Audio site.

4 thoughts on “Snow Audio Intros Chords For Cthulhu

  1. It’s like they’ve taken the most challenging, rewarding and gratifying creative work and made it practically automatic!! Thanks for saving us all that trouble! 😉

    Seriously, Cthulhu does some like a pretty fascinating tool. There’s something kind of boundary pushing about it. In essence, it pushes the boundary of plagiarism a little bit. There are lots of ways they have lifted various patterns from “great works” and deconstructed them for use in new music. On one hand it seems a little like cheating, but on the other hand, it’s pretty clever; and appears to yield musically satisfying results.

  2. This seems like a natural progression of technology to me–years back, when I was learning guitar I used to have a little book with just about every conceivable guitar chord laid out in tablature and standard notation, and another that had a bunch of common progressions to steal and repurpose. Heck, I still have a booklet that shows the piano fingerings for major, minor, m7, m9, suspended, and diminished, chords. While I prefer working from printed material, which can be stuck on a wall or a music stand while you’re dicking around with synths, making the leap to a piece of software that actually plays them for you doesn’t seem like any real creative difference. I mean, I record and quantize all my MIDI notes anyway.

    I’m not going to buy it, but it seems like a much better solution than a sample pack or loop set.

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