Mute Synth II Now Available For Pre-Order In Orange


Mute has announced the Mute Synth II Orange – a limited edition of its hand-held synth and sequencer.

Both the previously announced black and white Mute Synth II’s have sold out.

Here’s a demo video (of the black version):


  • Designer circuit board
  • Noise generator
  • Feedback
  • Oscillator
  • Wave-shaping
  • Buffered output
  • Sequencer
  • Touch and pot control
  • Mini patchbay
  • Headphone/line output
  • Battery powered (9v battery not included)

The Mute Synth II comes boxed with an album of works using the synth, by artists associated with Dirty Electronics and Mute. The CD features Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Carter Tutti Void), Simon Fisher Turner, Dominic Butler (Bronze Teeth / Factory Floor), Kidanevil, Dirty Electronics and others.

You can preview the album below:

MSII is designed in collaboration with the designer and writer, Adrian Shaughnessy.

Mute Synth II is born out of Dirty Electronics’ ongoing commitment to DIY approaches and noise aesthetics, and is designed to serve as a catalyst for experimenting with electronic sound.

The Mute Synth II is available for preorder for £89.99, with an expected release date of September 7, 2015.

9 thoughts on “Mute Synth II Now Available For Pre-Order In Orange

  1. The text on the product page is just a bit over the top: “Mute Synth II is a statement against MPEG culture and places an onus on an active participant rather than passive consumer.”

    Um, yeah. It’s a noise synth that sells for $140. Let’s not get a bit too precious.

      1. Definintely a gimmick. They say its got a seuencer. but really, its just a random box of noises that you hotwire with jumpers and turn knobs till you find something. But then as soon as you touch something it compeltely changes again so it becomes something else, so youre stuck with static loops to sample or just random sounds.

        Its not worth the price when you consider its 130 odd bucks and a minibrute is twice as much for 10,000x more usability and sound pallette

      2. i have the first one, it’s not great. a massive feeling of ‘meh’ came over me when i first played with it and have hardly used it since.

  2. Sometime ago i’ve showed this to a friend and he got it (black one).
    I just played with it for some minutes and really liked this weird noise synth, its fun to play and experimen and process with lots of FX’s… but…
    i don’t like the price. 130€! Its not fair, considering the amount of components and quality of them. Pots could have been Alpha or something better just not those crappy plastic potentiometers.

    That said would love to buy one to pair with my Olegtron 4060.

    Just my 2€

  3. The yellow is truly horrible. I like mute records a lot so I’m sad to have missed out on the black one sort of. At least I’m sad to have had the chance to consider it or knock it back.
    Here’s a video

    In the end it looks pretty impractical, bit of a gimmick.

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