Free Music Download – West Coast Bach Volume 1


Ngarjuna (Mitch Furman) has released West Coast Bach, Volume 1 – an album of ‘switched on’ style Bach, arranged for a ‘West Coast’ style synthesizer. 

The digital album includes the full English Suite #6 (BWV 811), 3 bonus tracks from English Suite #5 (BWV 810) and a 16 page full color digital booklet.

Furman uses a modular synth, featuring modules inspired by the ‘West Coast’ (Buchla) modular synth tradition, including modules from Make Noise/Sputnik/Nonlinear Circuits/Intellijel/4ms voice.

You can preview West Coast Bach, Volume 1, via the embed above or at Bandcamp.

8 thoughts on “Free Music Download – West Coast Bach Volume 1

  1. West Coast style was purposefully antithetical to the ‘switched on Bach’ type rubbish when it came out – weird (un-ironic) turn of events!

  2. I love electronic music, including but not limited to renditions of the music of Bach. I dislike subcultures obsessed with their own limited ways to use a synthesizer. East coast versus West coast? Bah! I enjoyed some of this performance a LOT, some, er, not so much. But I suspect that Furman’s synth-programming chops are much better than mine, so I’ve got some work to do.

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