Synth Jam On The Action Cam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Andy Dnetz, captures a synth jam from 4 angles – including the POV ‘Action Cam’.

Technical Details:

Used Hardware:

DSI Prophet 12
DSI Evolver Keyboard
DSI Mopho Keyboard
Waldorf Blofeld Desktop
Waldorf Pulse 2

Ableton LIve
MOTU Midi Express 128 Midi Interface
Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface
Yamaha MG16/6 FX Analog Mixer


Canon EOS 70D
iPad Mini Retina
GoPro Hero2

Edited with:
Apple Final Cut PRO X on a Apple Macbook PRO 17″ 2011


6 thoughts on “Synth Jam On The Action Cam

  1. Very Nice! Liked your choice of sounds. The mix was great. Everything was clear and distinguishable. Everything had it’s place. Noticed the “Virus C”. Wondering why you chose not to use it?

    1. “Everything had it’s place.”

      Apart from the can of beer in front of the mixer. I wanted to enjoy this, but that can was grinding away at my head. I just wanted to reach in and slap that action cam into next week, so I had to quit it.

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