Nick Batt’s Live Set From Cymru Beats 2016

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by Nick Batt, editor of Sonic State, at Cymru Beats 2016, described as “Wales’ only meeting for modular synthesizer enthusiasts”.

Technical Details:

Live set from Cardiff’s Cymru Beats Modular Meet. With Dreadbox Erebus, Moog Sub 37, Korg Minilogue and MFB Dominion 1 & Arturia Beatstep Pro.

Here’s Batt giving an overview of his setup:

29 thoughts on “Nick Batt’s Live Set From Cymru Beats 2016

  1. I already have immense regard for Nick as a great, sensible, knowledgeable reviewer who doesn’t talk down to EM newbies like myself. Hearing his music, my respect has deepened. I was dreading possible EDM (not being keen on it myself), and what I got was imaginative, lush, edgy, beautiful music.
    Has he released any of this music? I would buy it.

    1. He really does do an amazing job of not talking down to noobs (we’re all noobs at something, even within electronic music) while simultaneously giving geeks in the know the info and ‘real talk’ they need.

  2. I really liked this, but I felt like most of the tunes ended rather abruptly. I guess that means that I wanted them to go on. Where’s the album, Mr. Batt?

  3. Bravo! Nick’s melodies seem to have the angular genius of a Monk, or a Numan. And the shimmer layer under the moog on the second track is brilliant. This new gear is rich enough in texture and modulation I don’t miss the TR-909 most people would have put over the top…I like where music is going!

  4. I often wondered what Nick’s music would sound like. Intelligent, thought provoking music using lovely synth textures. Very nice.

  5. The piece Nick plays @ 4:20 is almost the same he did at then end of his review of the MFB Dominion. I think he used the Eventide H9 allso for the pitch-shift / shimmer effect ?

    There’s another recent video of Nick + Gaz Williams performing seperately at a Sonicstste Live jam session. Nick performed similar pieces there too.

  6. Great sounds! I expected nothing less from watching his reviews. Can’t wait for the 0-Coast review. He needs a YouTube channel for his music!

  7. OOMMGG.
    Nick without a microphone! This really came as a shock and a pleasant surprise to me.
    It must be the first Sonic State video that I endured not only past 60 seconds but right to the end!
    The music is not really my thing, but a live performance of a sympathic guy, juggling various of these devices real time always has my respect and attention.
    Well done!

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