Propellerhead Reason Update Adds Ableton Link Support


Propellerhead has released a free update to Reason that adds support for Ableton Link.

Users of Reason 9.1 can sync their music making apps across WiFi, and Link will keep all apps in tempo and time. Change tempo on one device and all the Linked apps follow suit.

You can use the Link-enabled Reason for Jam sessions with friends using Ableton Live or other Link-enabled apps on desktop or mobile. Or use Link to record the iOS apps to Reason tracks in perfect sync.

Here’s the official intro video:

Reason 9.1 is a free update to Reason 9 that brings Ableton’s Link technology to the Reason Rack.

Ableton Link was introduced in Nov 2015 as a way to let apps on different devices to play in time, needing only a WiFi connection to start on the beat and stay in tempo. The technology was developed for Ableton Live and was quickly adopted in mobile apps such as Gadget by Korg, Figure by Allihoopa, iMaschine by Native Instruments and many more.

Pricing and Availability

Reason 9.1 is available as a free downloadable update for Reason 9 owners.

Reason is available for purchase with the following suggested retail pricing:

  • Reason — EUR €405 / USD $449
  • Reason Essentials — EUR €120 / USD $129
  • Reason Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) — EUR €129 / USD $12

4 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason Update Adds Ableton Link Support

  1. That’s the feature that made me upgrade from reason 7 to 9. Didn’t bother about the UI Upgrades, nor did the “Players” really justify it for me. Also including melodyne features doesn’t benefit my style of music… But this amazing yet quiet simple to integrate (I presume) feature made it for me!
    I didn’t quiet unterstand why this comes so late from Ableton because it seems so obvious to not only support mobile – and there also just iOS… But who am I to judge!?
    Looking forward to numerous jamsessions

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