What’s Korg Introducing?

korg-teaserKorg is teasing that it will be introducing something new on November 1st.

There’s minimal information in the teaser – just the date and the phrase ‘New Music Always’.

Got ideas of what they might be announcing – or something that you’d like to see them announce?

Let us know in the comments!

141 thoughts on “What’s Korg Introducing?

    1. that would be really amazing actually !!! let it be called the VOLCA VOLTRON and come with audio in and beat and multi-midi syncing of some kind! some kind of solution for all of us who love volcas and want to get a more solid rig together for them but find little on the market suitable for an all-in-one job like that.

    1. alternate filter versions of minilogue at least perhaps???? common for their big products to get multiple releases so maybe there’s a brother model in the works?

      1. i bet you with a quick re-engineer of the case and voice architecture to fit the 8 voices and possibly a split mode and whatnot, an 8-10 voice version with or without keys could probably seel AWESOME for similar or cheaper price than the Behringer. I don’t think the D12 has beat any fo the korgs for analog sound yet either

    1. The Radias IS cool. It’s remarkable how good that synth is when you dig in. I’m glad I re-bought one a while back. Fun, good sounding, and hands on. What’s not to like?

      1. not made anymore? (they try to kill once, then hanged on then it finally stopped)
        I got a good deal on mine because of that
        only one thing would make it better,,,,
        MORE KNOBS
        think about its sequencer mode and if you did not have to toggle between bank function

  1. hopefully it is not drunken moment (okgo)
    things like that lead to bad choices like the national animal of Scotland (look it up)

    1. I wish so too hahaha 😀
      Korg is easily my favourite company, even if their products aren’t ahead in sound quality every single time, they are interesting and active experimentors in every area and they often make great stuff, albeit every product has flaws by any company!

  2. I love Korg. But every time they release a teaser it seems like it’s never for anything anyone wants (okgoVolca/Liverpool arranger)… and then they go and and drop good stuff no one was expecting out of nowhere (volcakick/minilogue). So my guess is: that it will be something boring. I want to be wrong… Korg, prove me wrong.

  3. My wrong take: light gray/blue stripe on left = Electribe 2, red/dark gray on right = Electribe 2 Sampler. Leaving the middle, gold stripe, which will be turbocharged Electribe 2.5 (3?) with full E2 synth + sampling, and all the petition items fixed!

  4. An MS20M *mini* for around $5/600 would be very welcome (especially if they chilled out on the exactly like the 70s vibe and let it receive MIDI from pitch and mod wheels,) but it seems unlikely to be anything they’d make a big deal of…

      1. Android is a complete clusterbleep for music. There are a few programs that sorta kinda work, but there are all kinds of audio issues that can’t be reliably resolved because Google has only recently added any sort of deep-level control and it’s not widely adopted yet.

  5. The only thing I can think of because of the Tolex is an ARP 2600 reissue, seeing how they already had the Odyssey circuitry and TTSH stopped production.

  6. Well… Ty Unwin said on the last Sonicstate Podcast that he has been contacted by a company with a big heritage to demo a new polysynth… I am willing to bet that it was Korg. So I guess that a new poly analogue is due!

  7. Watch! It will be candy striped. The NEW KORG KAOSSILATOR SCRATCH AND SNIFF! Scratch left and right for pepOmint and up and down for Cherry!

  8. the volcatribes
    volcatribe analog with analog drums, bass and keys
    volcatribe chip with 8 parts of chiptune sequencing
    volcatribe modular .. self explanatory
    at least I would love it if that was what was coming

  9. It’s the Korg Krokus, a custom arranger keyboard a la that Liverpool thing only with B-list 80s metal beats, available in 5 different colors of Tolex…

  10. We are getting to the point now where interpreting ‘teasers’ from companies like Korg, Roland, et al, is a bit like Cold War ‘Kremlinology’! Anyhow, my two cents worth – I hope its a new synth, as in a Korg ARP 2600 or a Quadra. Korg did a great thing bringing back the Odyssey, so they need to keep reintroducing the ARP line.

    Alternatively, something like a Polysix or MonoPoly would be great. I like the idea of a Maxilogue too – though that could be introduced as merely new versions of the Minilogue. No, its got to be something awesome, and that spells ‘2600’ in my book. The big issue would be price – it would have to be affordable, so I’d be looking for something between $2500 and $3500 AUD.

    Still waiting on Korg to re-release a matching MS-50 for my MS-20 Mini though.

    1. I would love a Korg Arp Quadra with monster arp and sequencer plus built in delay. It would have to have 61 full size keys for me to buy it though.

  11. How about a “Volcalator”? A mix between the volca series and the kaossilator series, where analog sourced sounds can be manipulated with an XY-pad….?

  12. Now that I look at the colors.. The first new generation Electribes were gray and very dark grey (sampler).. Then came the blue and the red (sampler) ones.. Maybe there’s a new beige Electribe? 😀

        1. That makes sense. Hopefully it’s a more fully featured electribe workstation kind of vibe. Perhaps something that is like the standalone MPC vibe people have been asking about.

  13. Since Moog have entered eurorack standard with Their mother 32 and so Roland with System 500, It could be fun to see an new analog modular synth in eurorack or something like that…

  14. A Korg MonoPoly in a modern casing, probably smaller. Since I owned the real thing 30 yrs ago, it is still on my mind. Especially since I became a master in making sounds noone ever imagined, whilst everyone was blindly running to the dx7.
    If not now, put it on the list anyway!

  15. Korg is showing a synth that uses Microsoft’s Surface studio, They will be showing how the large tablet surface and Surface Dial can result in then perfect interface to digital synthesizer. People using the interface can use multiple Surface dials to replicate the hands on interactivity of a knob per function analog synth, and the flexibility of a digital synthesizer,

  16. I don’t know what the announcement is, but I have been told there is a black version of the King Korg coming.
    Google: “kingkorg-bk” including quotes.
    There is at least one site that is showing the images.

    This better not be the only news they have, or people will tear them a new one on the forums.
    I personally really like that synth, although the old model looked better to me.
    Most people will prefer black however.

  17. Un synthé analog 6 voies avec des potards à l’ancienne et un vrai son de malade avec 3 dcos par voies, 3 filtres (les trois de differents types) 3 eneveloppes minimum. LE truc vraiment cool qui va enfin casser la baraque du côté analog. Yes

    KORG has a new app
    ""korg arp odyssei""
    this only comes up on the gadjet app update for today and the audiobus page
    no word were else

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