PdParty An Open-Source iOS App For Running Pure Data Patches

pdparty-tallPdParty is an open-source iOS app for running Pure Data patches on Apple mobile devices using libpd.

Directly inspired by Chris McCormick’s PdDroidParty and the original RjDj by Reality Jockey, PdParty takes it a step further by supporting OSC (Open Sound Control), MIDI, & MiFi game controller input, as well as implementing the native Pd GUI objects for a WYSIWYG patch to mobile device experience.

Various scene types are supported, including compatibility modes for PdDroidParty & RjDj. Both patches and abstraction libraries can be managed via a built-in web server.

Unlike single-purpose audio application, PdParty is meant to provide a platform for general purpose digital signal processing via Pure Data patches.

Who Is This App For?

PdParty is meant as a platform for running patches created in Pure Data, a graphical programming environment for multimedia.

Related to Max MSP, Pure Data allows computer musicians and non-programmers to create custom DSP routines by connecting objects with virtual patch cables.

The developer notes:

“If you don’t intend to create your own PdParty scenes or run scenes provided by others, you may not find this app very useful.

Please _do not_ download this app and give it a bad rating because you are unsure of what it’s for or how to use it.

PdParty is provided for free on the Apple App Store. If you wish to support its author and or PdParty development, consider having your institution sponsor a PdParty workshop, specific development, or a robotcowboy artist residency.”

4 thoughts on “PdParty An Open-Source iOS App For Running Pure Data Patches

  1. Tough competition for the Critter & Gitarri’s Organelle synth – especially as your iPad may have more CPU power so you’ll be able to run more complex patches.

    Is it possible to download other people’s patches from the PureData site? Do they need tweaking to run on the iPad?

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