17 thoughts on “White Schmidt Synthesizer Sneak Preview

    1. I recommend Ty themes his synth cave in a yin yang theme, all the white synths on one side, all the black synths on the other.

      Actually. No, I’ve changed my mind. It sounds a bit apartheid. Forget it.

  1. What a beautiful looking and sounding synth. I had the luck to try it at Frankfurt Music Messe. It is massive. It’s expensive, but now that I’ve touched and played one, it’s worth the money! Before playing it, I wondered why anyone in their right mind would spend so much on a synth. After all, this is the day of more powerful synths at lower prices. Then I touched one and played it. Wow! I can’t afford it, but it’s well worth the money. I’m sorry to hear that this is the final round of 25 units. I f I knew I had 2 or 3 more years to save up, I would do it without any hesitation! Unfortunately, it will sell out before I can come close to saving enough.

  2. I believe the price of the original was something like $20K. I think I’d prefer to spend a bit more and get a Moog System 35. But this looks awesome – sort of like a Matrix Brute on Steroids.

  3. I remember when the Fairlight, Synclavier, and PPG systems were newly available back in the day. They were cutting edge for the time and were created for and sold to professional musicians and studios that could afford them.

    The Schmitt synth is a modern equivalent of these types of products, a professional instrument at a professional price. It’s not tailored for the hobbyist with shallow pockets.

    That being said, if I had the $$$, give me a DSI Prophet 12, Prophet 6, OB-6, Modal 002 and 008; ALL can be had together new in the box for the price of one Schmitt.

    1. This ridiculous-prised analog synth has no relation with Fairlight and Synclavier systems. These systems back in ’80s where extremely expensive for a serious reason, they where true innovators and there was nothing even close to these monsters.
      This Schmidt synth is not a “modern equivalent” of these monsters at all. Schmidt is just another 8-voice analog synth at a price of a…Ferrari. Nothing new here, tech/sound-wise. In ’80s and early-mid ’90s, there wasn’t any synth/system better than a Synclavier or Fairlight, but today you can buy a (digital or analog) $500-$2000 synth which is few light years better than a Schmidt in almost every aspect.

    2. There are dozen of synths <2000€ that sounds better than this Schmidt. You can' t compare with Fairlight that introduced new and unique sounds. Schmidt sounds like many other synths. .

  4. Nice synth but I can get most of these tones from any of the Casio CZ series and a good ol’ trusty DCO like the Roland Juno Series. So I’ll save my money and keep rockin’ those 80’s classics!

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