Junkie XL On Classic Korg Synthesizers

In his latest Studio Time video, composer Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) takes a look at his Korg synthesizers, including a vintage Korg MS-10, the Korg MS-20, the Korg VC-10 Vocoder and more.

As in his other videos, Holkenborg focuses on offering his take on the strengths each instrument and how he uses them in his music, rather than making a comprehensive demo.

11 thoughts on “Junkie XL On Classic Korg Synthesizers

  1. Junkie XL knows how to teach, demonstrate and comment about any synthesizer without been a fanatic. He knows how to teach in a motivating, inspiring way. When he comments on some synthesizer, he is very straightforward. Very modest as well. JXL for President

  2. I love the sound he got out of the vocoder it was very creepy and decrepit . I’m sure it’s been said before but I’m continually entertained by the expansive reverb that is on every synthesizer he demonstrates.

  3. Don’t get me wrong: he seems to be a nice guy and I like what I hear. I also think it’s ok to collect all those synths and gear, but let’s be true: it’s also about gear porn …. If different gear let’s you be more creative, great!!!! But if you would really need all this stuff to compose good music, you would be a bad composer. At least for the videos much stuff is powered on …. The electricity bill and effects for the environment are also aspects I would care about! If you are good, you get same quality results with only a few synths + plugins and maybe some hardware effects …. But it’s good entertainment to see his clips and his stuff sounds same quality like the stuff from all the other actual top Hollywood composers. My heroes made more with less in the 1960s and 1970s …. All MS10 and MS20 will not change that ….

  4. Lol on the gear whining.

    What’s the first thing any of us would do if we had a career like his? Get all the gear we’ve been drooling over for years!

  5. @ AnalOG: No, NO whining from me. As I said, it’s ok to collect! I have sold most of my old analog and digital hardware stuff and haven’t regret it and money was no reason …. Less can be more and less can also help to find the own signature sound …. The world is not only winning or whining and also “who is able to buy, buys“ is not true for all of us. Boris Blank is rich and sold most of his old hardware. Others didn’t and both is totally ok.

    A cheer on feng shui AND people like Junkie XL! and Jean Michel Jarre

  6. Great guy and amazing gear.

    He’s basically giving away a masterclass for free – with none of that “this is a cardinal sin of EDM….” B.S.

    His two-parter on string scoring was especially good.

  7. Seems like such a chill, cool guy, passionate and knowledgeable without any hint of ego or arrogance. And he is able to do what we only dream about. Build a complete Aladdin’s cave of wonders that we all just dream about.
    If you won the lottery you’d do the same or similar.

    the fact that has generously given so much of his free time to make these is incredible.

    And I like…no LOVE reverb- stop friggin whining over it. Adds life to synths. I never, ever track without it. Hurts my ears(and my poor little heart) to hear synths dry.

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