Virtuoso Performance With Gloves (Chagall At Loop 2016)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a solo performance and demonstration by London-based electronic music artist Chagall

Chagall is one of around 20 musicians worldwide using the MIDI gloves for composition and live performances. Chagall uses the gloves to augment her vocal performances, using hand gestures to control a vocal harmonizer, to play synthesizers and trigger sounds and to control visuals.

While there have been many examples of musician experimenting with gestural music control, in Chagall’s work, gestural control transcends its functional purpose and becomes a primary expressive aspect of her performance.

Chagall’s performance comes from a presentation at Loop 2016 – Ableton’s annual event for music producers. Loop 2017 is scheduled for Nov 10-12 in Berlin.

4 thoughts on “Virtuoso Performance With Gloves (Chagall At Loop 2016)

  1. I’m never gonna use these gloves, but I’m glad she’s having fun with them. I guess I’ll have to start listening to Chagall. She’s got some nice moves! (baddum-tsssss!)

  2. My audio programming teacher helped developing this glove for Imogen Heap ^_^ she came in to give a lecture a few years ago. It was in a very early prototype stage then. I’m glad to see it’s made it so far.

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